WWE News: WWE's New Championship Belt Is Bringing Legitimacy Back to the Company

Joseph Shelton@@JosephShelton88Contributor IIIFebruary 20, 2013

Monday's Raw gave one of the biggest headlines in WWE News as The Rock unveiled the newest design of the WWE Championship belt, adding yet another look to the already colorful history of the most prestigious accolade in the company.

Now just as big a piece of WWE News is heading into WrestleMania; the possibility of a triple-threat match between The Rock, CM Punk and John Cena. The belt brings in the best of both old and new with a simple yet intricate design complete with a large bejeweled WWE logo.

In a company that thrives on their performers and their abilities in the ring and on the mic, the new design is a breath of fresh air as it helps to keep focus on the individual champion instead of some gaudy, blinged-out dinner plate hoisted on their shoulder.

The belt replaces the "Spinner" belt first introduced by John Cena in 2005 at the height of his white rapper gimmick. WWE hurt the legitimacy of the title by keeping a gimmick-themed belt as long as they did. Now that it has been done away with and the new design ensure that the title is more ambiguous, the future of the company looks promising.

What will be interesting to see now will be how the WWE will go about finding a legitimate champion to go along with the belt. The logical answer would be either CM Punk or John Cena, the two biggest stars on Raw. Were Dolph Ziggler to ever drop the World Heavyweight Title picture and go to Raw, he too would go perfect with the belt.

Since his return, The Rock hasn't been as convincing a champion as he once was, so look for him to drop the new belt at WM 29. Other than that, only time will tell how the renovated belt will fare and what it will do for the respective champions who will wear it.