NBA Trade Rumors: Final Pre-Deadline Recap of All the Rumored Action

Adam FromalNational NBA Featured ColumnistFebruary 21, 2013

NBA Trade Rumors: Final Pre-Deadline Recap of All the Rumored Action

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    NBA trade rumors are popping up like pesky rodents in a Whack-a-Mole machine. 

    Just when you think you've hit them all on the head, another one seems to come out of nowhere just to torture you. And of course, no matter how quick your reflexes may be, it's awfully difficult to actually connect with all of them. 

    With time running out on the period in which teams are allowed to swap players and assets, the rumors are faster and more furious than ever. Phones are ringing off the hook as mole after mole pops up. 

    Let's take a look and recap all of the biggest rumors. 

An Actual Trade! Thomas Robinson Dealt by Sacramento Kings

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    The biggest trade that's actually gone down up to this point was a three-team deal that involved the Houston Rockets, Phoenix Suns and Sacramento Kings

    Per ESPN, Thomas Robinson was sent to the Rockets along with Francisco Garcia, Tyler Honeycutt and a second-round pick from the Suns. Phoenix received Marcus Morris, and the Kings picked up Patrick Patterson, Cole Aldrich, Toney Douglas and cash. 

    It's not often that you see a high-potential lottery pick dealt this early in his NBA career, but then again, the Kings don't always make too much sense. 

    Personally, I'm just excited that the Morris twins have been reunited in the desert. 

Josh Smith Still on the Block, Still an Atlanta Hawk

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    No player has been involved in more trade rumors than Josh Smith, the talented but sometimes frustrating forward who has spent his entire career with the Atlanta Hawks. 

    There have been rumors surfacing that involve a number of teams, including the Brooklyn Nets, San Antonio Spurs, Boston Celtics, Milwaukee Bucks, Philadelphia 76ers and Phoenix Suns. 

    Although each of the aforementioned teams have offered fairly intriguing packages, the Suns have crept into the lead in the Smith sweepstakes. According to HOOPSWORLD's Alex Kennedy, the Suns have a package put together that includes a pair of established players and a draft pick: 

    As HOOPSWORLD first reported (, the Suns are pursuing Josh Smith and offering Marcin Gortat, Jared Dudley and a pick.

    —Alex Kennedy (@AlexKennedyNBA) February 21, 2013

    It doesn't seem like Smoove is going to be wearing a Hawks uniform past the trade deadline, but I'm still convinced we haven't hear the deal that's actually going to occur. Something is going to come out of nowhere and surprise us all. 

Eric Gordon for Klay Thompson Falling Through

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    Well, Ric Bucher has put an end to any thought that the New Orleans Hornets might deal Eric Gordon to the Golden State Warriors for Klay Thompson: 

    It's always more fun to dangle trade possibilities than knock them down, but I can only go where my information takes me: sources say the rumored Eric Gordon-to-the-Warriors' deal will not happen before Thursday's trade deadline. Don't count out the chance that it could be visited (or re-visited) this summer. Why? Will explain shortly.


    Bucher went on to explain that the soon-to-be Pelicans would have to take on extra salaries in order to make the deal work, which is something the rebuilding team might be hesitant to do. 

    It was a nice thought while it lasted, and a Stephen Curry-Eric Gordon backcourt duo offers all sorts of tantalizing prospects, but it's not going to happen. 

Danny Granger Staying Put

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    Danny Granger hasn't played a single minute during the 2012-13 season, but that doesn't exclude him from the fast-paced world of trade rumors. 

    The Indiana Pacers have been just fine without Granger. On defense, no team in the league has been better, and the offense is just finally starting to hit its stride. Paul George has been not just an adequate replacement, but an absolutely ridiculous one. 

    So, it should come as no surprise that Indiana might have dangled Granger out to see what they could get from other teams, right? 

    Wrong, if you subscribe to HOOPSWORLD's Alex Kennedy's sources

    In response to the executive who said that Danny Granger may be traded, Pacers GM Kevin Pritchard said, "That executive would be wrong!!!"

    — Alex Kennedy (@AlexKennedyNBA) February 20, 2013

    It looks like we're going to be in for an interesting second half in which Granger attempts to figure out just how he fits in with the rest of this Indiana squad. 

Any Boston Celtics Stars on the Move?

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    Fab Melo might be available (per Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski), but it's highly unlikely that either Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett or Rajon Rondo change teams before the 3:00 PM trade deadline. 

    Kevin Garnett has a no-trade clause that he's not going to waive, if what he said during All-Star weekend is any indication. So barring some unforeseen change, KG will still be wearing Celtic green after Thursday's festivities draw to a close. 

    The Rajon Rondo situation is a bit more interesting. 

    ESPN's Chris Broussard claims that he's available, but other sources have shown that the opposite might be true. Just take a look at these contradictory tweets: 

    Rival GMs insist Rondo's available. Could they pry Josh away from ATL w/out giving up Pierce or KG? Jeff Green would be good fit in ATL

    —Chris Broussard (@Chris_Broussard) February 20, 2013

    Agent for Rajon Rondo, Bill Duffy, tells USAT that Boston GM Danny Ainge assured him today the Celtics PG won't be traded. Story to come.

    —Sam Amick (@sam_amick) February 20, 2013

    So, who to believe? Personally, I'm going with Amick, but we'll have to wait until the deadline to see who's ultimately proved correct. 

    Wojnarowski let us know that there was a bit of a trade discussion between the Celtics and Brooklyn Nets, but that obviously hasn't come to fruition: 

    The Boston Celtics and Brooklyn Nets have discussed a trade for Celtics star Paul Pierce, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

    The Nets' willingness to a deal centered on forward Kris Humphries, guard MarShon Brooks and a first-round draft pick, but the Celtics want a more substantial package to consider moving Pierce, league sources said.

    "The Celtics still highly value Pierce and it wouldn't make sense to trade him for that kind of a package if they're keeping Kevin Garnett," one league source said.

    Boston has shown interest in forward Mirza Teletovic and securing another possible first-round pick, but the Nets have shown no inclination to pay that steep of a price for Pierce.


    It didn't take long for these talks to be dismissed, either: 

    NBA source on #Nets/Pierce rumors: "Don't read much into it." Trade very unlikely.

    —Mike Mazzeo (@MazzESPN) February 20, 2013

J.J. Redick on the Block

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    One of the hottest commodities on the trade block has been J.J. Redick, the shooting machine who's developed into a solid passer during his latest season with the Orlando Magic. 

    Redick has an expiring contract that will give his new team some financial flexibility during the offseason, but he's also more than capable of helping shore up a contender's offense. It should come as no surprise that a number of teams have shown interest in the former Duke Blue Devil. 

    ESPN's Chris Vernon asserts that the Memphis Grizzlies are one of those teams, although he doesn't go into any specifics:

    Grizzlies deadline news:The Grizzlies are making a push to attain JJ Redick.

    —Chris Vernon (@ChrisVernonShow) February 20, 2013

    CBS's Ken Berger brings the Milwaukee Bucks into the picture, while HOOPSWORLD's Alex Kennedy claims that the New York Knicks might get involved as well. 

    We have no idea to whom Redick will actually end up getting traded, but it almost seems like a foregone conclusion that he won't remain with the Magic. 

Dwight Howard Won't Be Traded

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    It appears that all drama involving Dwight Howard will remain in Los Angeles, as the talented but not-quite-healthy big man isn't going to be traded away from the Lakers. 

    Arash Markazi gave us a nice insight into the mind of Mitch Kupchak with these two tweets: 

    Kupchak said he has gotten calls from GMs even this morning on Dwight Howard but he will not be trading Howard.

    — Arash Markazi (@ArashMarkazi) February 20, 2013

    Kupchak: "Dwight is our future."

    — Arash Markazi (@ArashMarkazi) February 20, 2013

    Well, it was fun while it lasted.


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