UFC 157 Preview: Keys to Victory for Lyoto Machida

Anthony Fusco@fusconation16Correspondent IIIFebruary 20, 2013

UFC 157 Preview: Keys to Victory for Lyoto Machida

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    Lyoto Machida would like to get another shot at champion Jon Jones.

    To do that he will need to go through a tough opponent in Dan Henderson.

    Henderson is a challenging opponent for any fighter to face. He is powerful, experienced and has a chin made of iron.

    If Machida wants to pull off a win, he will need to follow a game plan that gives him the best opportunity to do so.

    There are certain keys that he needs to pull off in order for his victory to be assured. Let's take a look at some of them.

Use His Footwork and Speed to Attack from Angles

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    Lyoto Machida is known as arguably the most elusive fighter in the UFC.

    That is due in large part to his swift footwork.

    He is able to move in, strike and move back out of range before his opponents can react.

    His speed and footwork have confused and irritated opponents from Ryan Bader to Rashad Evans to even champion Jon Jones.

    If Machida wants to be the most effective in his fight against Henderson, he will need to circle away from the power of Henderson's right hand and attack from different angles.

    If Machida can blitz Henderson and avoid the power shots he throws, it will go a long way in helping him win the fight.

Watch the H-Bomb

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    Henderson's most deadly weapon is arguably his right hand.

    Nicknamed the H-Bomb, the punch is incredibly powerful and has put many an opponent to sleep.

    If Machida wants to win this fight, he will need to avoid this punch at all costs.

    This correlates directly back to my previous slide.

    Machida will need to use his footwork and avoid this punch. Should he get hit perfectly by it, it could ruin his night.

    Although the H-Bomb is Henderson's most fearsome punch, he has heavy hands that Machida would be wise to avoid as much as possible in their encounter.

Work Some Kicks

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    Machida's karate background has given him some very fast and hard kicks.

    Heavy leg kicks are a great way to take some of your opponent's mobility away.

    Machida's quick kicks could also keep Henderson guessing about what is coming next. This would allow Machida to carefully plan is next move.

    Machida owns many unique and devastating kicks that could give Henderson a hard time on fight night.

    If he sees the opportunity for a crane kick or something of that sort, he should take it as it could end the fight in nasty and spectacular fashion.

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