Jerry Buss' Passing: Dennis Rodman Gets Emotional on Jay Leno Show

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Jerry Buss' Passing: Dennis Rodman Gets Emotional on Jay Leno Show
Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Dennis Rodman appeared on Monday Night's episode of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. He talked about everything from his daughter to appearing on Celebrity Apprentice to the recent death of Dr. Jerry Buss.

Jokes about his amazing jacket and the dark lipstick aside, Rodman seemed a bit blindsided by the Leno's question about Buss. Rodman stopped dead in his tracks and started to get choked up.

Rodman goes on to talk about how Dr. Buss was like a father to him for years and how the long-time owner of the Los Angeles Lakers was a meaningful figure in his life.

Leno awkwardly tries to console Rodman, who soon moves on to talking about his daughter and his confidence that the Lakers will soon get it together and bounce back.

The entire interview is downright mesmerizing: It's yet another version of Rodman that has rarely shown himself over the years.

It's the same Rodman that was emotional during his Basketball Hall of Fame induction speech back in 2011, but he comes across as an extremely joyous, more down-to-earth, yet off-kilter version of himself than we're used to.

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