Big Expectations as Trout Season Begins

Micheal DavisCorrespondent IApril 9, 2009

There are five different seasons in my book:

Winter, Summer, Spring, Fall, and Trout season.

What's more exciting than getting to bed early the night before, just knowing what tomorrow morning holds? As the morning alarm goes off, you tell yourself to stay in bed, just five more minutes.

Not today. Today starts the greatest season on the year—Trout season.

Tell me what is more exciting than getting rid of the wife whenever you want? Looking for a reason to get out of the house? "I'm goin fishin.'" Case closed. No more is needed to be said.

But other than losing the wife for a few hours and getting rid of the kids, what does trout season really mean to you?

To me, it means many things. One, it's a time to relax. A time to reflect on my life, and relax. Be outside the box.

Trout season allows me to get away from the rest of the world; it allows me to realize the person I am.

When I'm on the water, I feel great. There is no better feeling than hearing the water flow by your feet, and to reel in that first fish of the day.

I've gone home without a fish, numerous times! But that doesn't matter, I still love it.

Trout season is here. It's time to celebrate.

Get away from the rest of the world—Go fishing!