Steve Austin Rules Out Second Season of Tough Enough

Sharon GlencrossContributor IFebruary 19, 2013

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Tough Enough host Steve Austin has ruled out a second season of the revamped wrestling reality show, admitting WWE may have "dropped the ball."

Speaking to 99.9 KISW Seattle (via ProWrestling.Net) to promote his recently released action movie The Package, Austin, when asked about the potential return of Tough Enough, said, "I think that window is closed."

This isn't much of a surprise. While Tough Enough—which was revived on the USA Network in 2011—may have been compelling TV, it failed to properly live up to its premise of finding the next big WWE star.

Winner Andy "Silent Rage" Leavine sank without a trace after his appearance on the June 6 Raw and was quietly released in April of last year.

Frankly, his bland personality and patchy wrestling ability made him a dubious winner anyway. All he really had going for him was a good physique.

Certainly, in hindsight, either Luke Robinson or Jeremiah Riggs, neither of whom were offered deals despite showing great potential, would have been better victors.

Fellow Tough Enough contestants Ivelisse Velez and Christina Crawford were also released (via Diva-Dirt) last year.

All this is even more disappointing when you consider that TNA star Austin Aries unsuccessfully auditioned for the show (via Wrestling Inc.). Yes, the charismatic star, who proved himself to be one of the best wrestlers and talkers in the business in 2012, couldn't even make the cut. Amazing. 

So, did anyone from the 2011 lineup make it?

Well, yes. Ariane Andrew, now known as Cameron in The Funkadactyls.

Andrew became (in)famous for the priceless clip in which Austin demanded she name her favorite wrestling match in history, only for the aspiring Diva to answer, "Melina versus Alicia Fox." You know, that five-star classic that main evented WrestleMania (OK, not really).

Austin was not happy, and, unsurprisingly, Ariane was quickly eliminated from the competition. Oh, well. It looks like she got the last laugh.