The 50 Coolest Dancers in the NBA

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The 50 Coolest Dancers in the NBA
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Cheerleaders and dancers often get stereotyped as "girly girls" who are nice to look at, but not necessarily the type of people you have a lot in common with. Like a lot of stereotypes, there may be some fundamental truth at the root of it. 

There certainly are cheerleaders straight out of Mean Girls central casting who are obsessed with shopping and worship various members of the vile Kardashian klan as their gods. But outside of those horrible girls you might remember from high school, in professional sports those types are the exception, rather than the rule. 

Despite paying them minor ducats, many teams require a lot from their dancers. Often times they are required to be a full-time student, or gainfully employed, while juggling their performance responsibilities—in addition to community-service duties. 

So where am I going with this? Well, my point is just that a low-paying, high-responsibility job doesn't tend to attract terrible people. Quite the opposite, in fact. Many of the professional dancers and cheerleaders I've met in recent years are shockingly awesome human beings. 

They're obviously beautiful. Clearly talented. And many are some of the coolest chicks you will ever meet in your life. Not that you will meet them or anything—but you feel me. 

That being said! Let's take a look at the hands-down coolest dancers in the NBA. 

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