WWE Elimination Chamber 2013 Results: 7 Huge New Rivalries Going Forward

Daine Pavloski@@dpavloskiAnalyst IIFebruary 19, 2013

WWE Elimination Chamber 2013 Results: 7 Huge New Rivalries Going Forward

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    Well WWE Universe, it's time. We are now officially on the Road to WrestleMania 29 and it's already brought on quite a few surprises. 

    Now that the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view is behind us, new feuds and storylines will begin to take shape over the next few weeks as we come ever closer to professional wrestling's "Show of Shows," WrestleMania. 

    So, what rivalries might we see after Elimination Chamber and the first Monday Night Raw on the Road to WrestleMania? 

    Here are a few.  

1. The Rock vs. John Cena

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    This one is pretty obvious. The Rock and John Cena put on an epic "Once in a Lifetime" match last April that wowed WWE fans and the professional wrestling world. 

    This April, we'll see it again. 

    The Rock retained the WWE Championship (and got a new one) and Cena won the Royal Rumble. Now that Punk is "out of the way," Rock and Cena can focus on each other. 

    Whether or not you like the idea of seeing the monumental matchup again this April, it's going to happen. The WWE knows that Rock-Cena II will have an insane draw for wrestling fans young and old. Why wouldn't they do it? 

    However, on Raw...

2. John Cena vs. CM Punk

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    Cena gave CM Punk another chance at a WrestleMania 29 meeting with The Rock. 

    SuperCena and the Second City Saint will collide on Raw next Monday to decide who will head to New York and take on The Great One for the new WWE Championship belt. 

    While it would be very surprising for the WWE to go away from their Rock-Cena II plan, the involvement of CM Punk makes things pretty interesting. 

    Could the WWE let Punk take on Rock for a third straight pay-per-view? Would it toss its poster boy to the side? 

    Whether the WWE decides to go with Cena or Punk next week, the fire between these two on Monday Night Raw makes it seem like the WWE isn't quite done with this feud, setting up a possible program after WrestleMania 29 is over and The Rock goes back to making movies.  

3. Sheamus vs. Roman Reigns

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    The WWE has surprised fans everywhere with the monumental push The Shield has received in the last 72 hours. 

    On Sunday, the newcomers took down three of the WWE's biggest babyfaces. On Monday, they took down two of the same babyfaces and one of the great wrestlers to ever grace a WWE ring, Chris Jericho. 

    During the encounters, there was one main similarity between the two matches. This similarity was the animosity between former World Heavyweight champion Sheamus and The Shield's enforcer, Roman Reigns. 

    Reigns put Sheamus through one of the crowd barriers at Elimination Chamber after the two engaged in a lot of trash talk throughout the match. On Monday, Reigns and Sheamus continued to go at it, both verbally and physically. 

    Because it will be hard for the WWE to find three huge names during its biggest show of the year for The Shield to take on in another six-man match, a match between Sheamus and Reigns would be not only a great match, but it would be a huge jump-start to Reigns' singles career. 

4. Sheamus vs. Mark Henry

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    A feud between Sheamus and Reigns may just be wishful thinking on my part, but it's certainly been set up at Elimination Chamber and Monday Night Raw. 

    The more likely candidate for a Sheamus feud appears to be Mark Henry. 

    This rivalry hasn't been obviously set up recently, but the groundwork has definitely been laid out. 

    Sheamus and Henry have history and both are looking like monsters. Sheamus was tossing around members of The Shield at Elimination Chamber and Mark Henry was giving out inductions to his "Hall of Pain" like they were high-fives. 

    Sheamus and Henry are both looking very strong and could put on a great show at WrestleMania 29 if the WWE goes along with its reported plans. 

5. Damien Sandow vs. R-Truth

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    Here's another rivalry that was really hinted at on the Raw after Elimination Chamber. Damien Sandow came out and viciously assaulted Kofi Kingston before their match even started. He then received a rude awakening at the hands...well, feet of a returning R-Truth. 

    This rivalry has the potential to be great. Sandow, or as he says, "The Duke of Decency," is all about intelligence and saving the idiotic WWE Universe from the doldrums of their own awfulness. R-Truth is about dancing, having fun and having an imaginary friend, pretty much exactly what Sandow despises. 

    If the WWE carries this one out, it could definitely be a potential show-stealer at WrestleMania 29. 

6. Jack Swagger vs. Alberto Del Rio

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    Jack Swagger has made an emphatic return to the WWE. He's brought along Zeb Coulter as his mouthpiece and a super-sized amount of good ol' American jingoism to boot. 

    Swagger's new, intimidatingly patriotic outlook makes him a scary opponent to any WWE Superstar, but now, after sneaking out of Elimination Chamber with a victory, he's got his sights set on the World Heavyweight champion, Alberto Del Rio.

    Del Rio's proud Mexican aristocrat persona will make this matchup one to watch as we get closer to WrestleMania 29.  

7. Mr. McMahon vs. Paul Heyman

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    Now, the most intriguing rivalry going right now. 

    Mr. McMahon vs. Paul Heyman. The Boss vs. The Walrus.

    McMahon and Heyman have had a ton of run-ins in the past, but the latest has an intensity that we haven't seen for a long time.

    As McMahon was about to fire Heyman, here comes Brock Lesnar to break the CEO's hip! Now McMahon has challenged Heyman to a fight? I smell shenanigans.

    Everything about this rivalry is awesome. McMahon, the boss everyone loves to hate, is facing off with the most hated manager in modern wrestling, and it feels like it won't be over next week.

    Don't be surprised if this feud turns into the Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar match at WrestleMania 29 that hasn't been mentioned on TV yet.