NHL Schedule: How to Fix the Problem

Leo WongContributor IMarch 30, 2008

The NHL must decide on a new schedule.  The players and team owners are actually not very happy with the current schedule and we all can understand why.  This season's schedule has 82 games but some of the teams will never meet unless they make it to the post season. 

For example: this year was the very first time we saw Sidney Crosby in a Pittsburgh Penguin's uniform at GM (General Motors) place in Vancouver, BC, Canada. 

We have yet to see Alex Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals at GM place. 

If I were a team owner from the Southern United States, I would like to see some of the most exciting players in the NHL at least once a year in my building. 

If Gary Bettman is really committed to expanding the NHL profile in the U.S. market, the current schedule has to be laid to rest.

A few days ago, The NHLPA (National Hockey League Player's Association) came up with a more balanced solution.  They proposed an 84 games schedule instead of 82, trimming the preseason exhibition games down by two. 

In other words, the players will still play just as many games but two of those games will actually matter.  On top of that, they proposed that each of the teams will meet each other twice in the regular season, once in each other's building.

The NHL has yet to respond to the NHLPA's solution.  As a fan, this is a much better solution than what the owners came up with last year.   If the NHL wants to become a respectable sport in the Southern market, the NHL board of governors should agree to this new more balanced schedule.