10 NBA Teams in Need of New Uniforms

Geoff Estes@TheGeffyManCorrespondent IFebruary 23, 2013

10 NBA Teams in Need of New Uniforms

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    If you have watched the NBA during the month of February, you likely have seen some teams wearing 90's throwback uniforms.  Some of these retro looks are more visually pleasing than the team's current uniforms, like the Pacers and Suns, while others, like the Bucks and Kings, are as bad as we remember them from the 90's.

    Whether nostalgic fashion looks good or bad, it does make one wonder which NBA teams should look into a change in style after the current season.

    Obviously, some teams have found a look that will, for the most part, never change.  Teams like the Celtics, Lakers, Bulls, Knicks and Spurs are set with their color schemes and are not changing anything in the foreseeable future.

    Others, well, that's a different story.

    I would like to note, I did not include Sacramento for the simple fact that they are on the verge of changing not only cities, but I am sure uniforms as well, in the very near future.  Otherwise, they would very surely be a member of this list.  Plus, why continue to pile on the loyal Kings fans?  They have it bad enough right now.

Memphis Grizzlies

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    The Grizzlies uniforms are not that bad.  The font isn't great, and they are not near as cool as the old Vancouver unis, but they are not horrible.

    Yet, for some reason, I am not a fan of watching Memphis games, especially played in Memphis.  Maybe it is the Grizzlies logo, or the blandness of the jerseys.  I really don't know and I feel bad about it, because I like the team itself and appreciate the way they play.  They just are not aesthetically pleasing.

    With that said, I think the Grizzlies would still be a hit in 2013 if they brought back the mint green of the Vancouver uniforms.

    Just think if they were to bring back the old colors, and then Marc Gasol was to get a flat top, it would be Big Country all over again. Except Spanish.

Indiana Pacers

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    I will let it be known right now.  I am a huge Indiana Pacers fan.  I have been since I was aware that basketball existed, and I have my dad to thank for that.

    With that said, I am done with these current Pacers uniforms. 

    Maybe I am biased and others don't feel the same about the Pacers current style.  I don't know.

    There is nothing awful about the Pacers unis, but there is nothing good either.  Their jerseys are about as boring as they come.  The shorts are nothing to write home about.  They utilize the circle logo on the side of the shorts, which isn't very chic.

    They are just very boring, and fit in greatly with the late 2000's Pacers teams of T.J. Ford, Mike Dunleavy and Troy Murphy. 

    Or, they can be associated with the Jermaine O'Neal Pacers, since one of JO's boys helped design these uniforms.  The current look came after they abandoned the pinstripe look, which in retrospect was probably a better look than the black and white striped jail suits many Pacers fans associate with those teams.

    Either way, those are not really the Pacers teams Pacers' ownership wants the fans to think about.

    The current crop of Pacers are extremely likeable, and are pretty darn good at basketball too.  They have looked good in the 90's pinstripe jerseys.  One Pacer super fan, Ben Phillippe even made this awesome video about his idea for a new look for Indy.

    Either way, this Pacers team is new, exciting and a true contender.  It is not going to solve all the Pacers' problems of putting butts in seats, but a new look would go a long way to forging a new identity built around the current roster. 

Houston Rockets

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    Houston's uniforms are just so boring. 

    The red and yellow unis that James Harden is wearing in the picture are not totally awful, but the red and white uniforms that they usually wear look like something a seventh grade team would wear in hopes of saving $4 per uniform to not add a third color.

    This is another team that is in the midst of an identity change.  James Harden and Jeremy Lin are perhaps the weirdest couple in the NBA, but I'll be damned if they are not fun to watch. 

    Houston has done a good job of putting a team together on the fly.  One that looks like a fun team now, but could be a true contender if they add another piece or two. 

    Either get entirely new uniforms, or start rocking the yellow and red both home and away.  The addition of the yellow has three huge benefits. 

    First, it looks better.  Simple.  Second, it hearkens back to the days of Hakeem, Kenny, Sam and Big Shot Bob.  And third, maybe with the red and yellow, Royce White will think he is at Iowa State again and start showing up.

Detroit Pistons

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    I feel bad piling on Detroit.  As if they don't have enough issues.  Wait, I'm a Pacers fan.  No I don't.

    But really, this team and city has had some tough times.  However, the Tigers are defending AL Central Champions and the Lions are better situated for the future than they have been in a long time.  The Pistons can not say the same.

    What they can do, however, is change their uniforms.

    I am not saying they should do something as drastic as they did in the mid 90's with these "bad boys", but maybe do something different with the red and blue of the classic "bad boys."

    What I really hate about the current uniforms is the weird "P" on the shorts.  I just don't think it looks like something that should be on an NBA jersey.  I can't explain it, I just don't like it.

    I think Detroit should embrace their history as one of the toughest teams in NBA history and one of the grittiest, hard-working towns in America and do something more bold with the red and blue of the great Pistons teams.  They have a legitimate star in Greg Monroe, so perhaps it is time for a change to usher in the "Monroe Era" in Detroit.

    A few tweaks here and there, and the road back to NBA relevancy can start.

Charlotte Bobcats

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    Charlotte just got new uniforms this season.  Unfortunately, the Mavericks have almost the exact same look and have had it for a decade or so.

    Why would a team debut new uniforms that not only are so similar to another team, but also shorten the already non-macho "Bobcats" name to the even worse "Cats"?  Nobody is afraid of cats.  OK, that's not entirely true, but if I had the choice of going toe-to-toe with my mom's cat named after a Harry Potter character, or a real live wild bobcat, I'd be squaring off with Hagrid ten times out of ten.

    Let's hope that with the Hornets becoming the Pelicans, that the Charlotte brass is wise enough to reclaim the Hornets logo.  They could even bring back the teal and purple. 

    If they do in fact change things up, and embrace the days of Zo and Grandmama, all those old Hornets' Starter jackets may be back in style.

Atlanta Hawks

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    The Hawks have possibly the most boring uniforms in the league. 

    There is nothing eye-popping about their font, their Hawk logo, or their color scheme.  While I am typically a fan of red and blue together, it just doesn't work for the Hawks. 

    This is a team who went from the old green and blue unis, to the red and yellow pac-man logo of the Dominique era, and then to this wild 90's look they have been wearing this month.

    While I am not campaigning for the Hawks to bring back the jersey-wide Hawk of the 90's, I do think a return to red, yellow and black would be a step in the right direction. 

    What do the current jerseys remind me of?  They bring out thoughts of a four through six seed in the playoffs and a first or second round exit.  Not sure why they evoke those emotions, but I am sure someone smarter than me in areas of feeling-invoking color combinations can figure it out.

Denver Nuggets

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    There are people out there who really like the Nuggets' uniforms.

    I am not one of them.

    I have a couple big issues with the Nuggets uniforms. 

    First, I just don't like the colors. The color scheme of baby blue and yellow is just too Girls AAU team.  It makes one think of either his little sister's team, or what an Enyce or South Pole sweatsuit would look like circa 2006. 

    Second, these uniforms came about when the Nuggets drafted Carmelo Anthony.  While Carmelo had some great years in Denver, they never really won anything with Melo leading the way, and his Nuggets stay ended rather unceremoniously. 

    The Nuggets are a young, exciting team and are playing really well right now.  While I do like their yellow alternate uniforms they debuted this year, I am over the baby blue and yellow's. 

Toronto Raptors

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    When I was in third grade, my family took a trip to Colorado. Being from Iowa, this should have been the moment I realized the majesty of mountains and the variance of landscapes throughout our great country.  Instead, all I remember is that I bought a skateboard at a garage sale in Colorado Springs and begged my mom to take me to Jurassic Park.  Three times.

    With this obsession of Jurassic Park in my head, when the Toronto basketball team named themselves the Raptors, I had high hopes of badass uniforms.  They didn't disappoint.  They had purple unis with white pinstripes and a big red dino right on the front.

    They may not be the best uniforms ever, but at least they had more personality than the current Raptors uniforms.

    As you can see above, Toronto's current uniform set is nothing better than most high school teams are wearing nowadays.  The Raptor claw with the basketball is just not a cool enough logo to be the primary logo of a team named after one of the deadliest creatures of all time.

    Let's figure something out, Toronto.  At least for the third grade JP fan in all of us.

Milwaukee Bucks

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    Let's get something clear right now.  While I have gushed about the 90's throwbacks previously, the Bucks 90's throwback is not one of the good ones. 

    The Bucks do have a great look, however, and it is their alternate red road unis.  They are plain, but effective.

    I am glad the Bucks brought red back in the fold.  The purple and green of the 90's was not their finest idea.  More red in the jerseys, I say. 

    Milwaukee is a city that loves its traditions.  Walk around Milwaukee sometime.  They are Brewers crazy all summer and I would bet if you counted, you would see more of the old glove Brewers hats than the new "M" hats.  And the new hats are pretty cool in their own right.  It just illustrates how much better the old logo was.

    The Bucks need to learn a lesson from this, and embrace this loveable guy.  A funny deer spinning a basketball is a good time.  The realistic deer on the current logo makes me want to slam on my breaks to avoid a trip to the body shop.

Phoenix Suns

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    I hate almost everything about the Suns' uniforms.  I don't like the thin circle around the numbers on the front.  I am not crazy about the wide shoulders of the jerseys.

    Most of all, I despise that weird grayish color that they use down the sides and on the trim.  It just doesn't work. 

    The new playing court is actually not bad.  There has been some that don't like the black included on the court, but I think it looks good.  It looks even better when the Suns are wearing their awesome 90's throwbacks.

    So, what can the Suns do to improve their uniforms?  I'm going with the "more black" route.  Black on the court looks good. Black on the throwbacks look good.  Why not embrace it?