Jack Swagger's New Direction is Perfect

Michael GuadalupeFeatured ColumnistFebruary 20, 2013

Photo courtesy of WWE
Photo courtesy of WWE

Jack Swagger's new direction in the WWE is perfect for the All-American American.

Before his re-debut, Swagger struggled to hold solid ground in the WWE. He was a decent wrestler, but wasn't going in any direction, especially after he split from Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero.

His return to action, specifically with the help of Zeb Colter, is just what Swagger needs. 

He plays the heel role well, and his biggest weakness was his lack of ability on the mic. Now with Coulter acting as his mouth piece, Swagger can focus more on performing in the ring.

He held his own in the Elimination Chamber and looked strong coming out of the match on Sunday.

Swagger's new run breathes new life into the WWE heel scene. 

While he isn’t the only heel to recently return, Mark Henry has come back as well, Swagger has evolved as a heel.

He’s no longer just the cocky heel he once was; he seems focused and ready to make a point with the help of Zeb.

Jack Swagger's new direction is perfect for him, and for the WWE.


Fixing the Problems

Jack Swagger has always been full of potential as a wrestler, but was rushed to a top spot in the WWE too quickly.

Months after first debuting on ECW, Swagger managed to win the ECW Championship from Matt Hardy. He continued to be pushed to the top, eventually winning the Money in the Bank ladder match at WrestleMania 26, and would use the contract to win the World Heavyweight Title.

When Swagger eventually came down from his push, he fell flat.

His alliance with Vickie Guerrero and Ziggler made Swagger look like the third wheel, and he was eventually dumped by Guerrero.

There was even the rumor that Swagger had asked for his release.

Swagger failed to draw any real heat, and with a lack of mic ability, it was hard to believe he could be a champion. Pairing him with Ziggler also turned out to be a mistake, as the Show-Off was clearly the standout of the duo.

His new direction though, fixes the problems Swagger dealt with during his first run. It's easier to believe he could win the No. 1 contender spot because he now has several years’ experience in the WWE.

He’s ready to take on Alberto Del Rio because of how strong he looked coming out of Elimination Chamber match. Getting a win over guys like Mark Henry, Chris Jericho and Randy Orton is no small feat and only helps make Swagger seem like even more of a threat.

His inability on the mic has also been fixed with this latest push. He was paired with Zeb Colter and the duo has already gotten the attention of the WWE Universe.

Colter has been great on the mic so far, and has helped Swagger immensely when it comes to getting over as a heel.

Swagger had the wrestling ability all along, but now that he has a proper mouth piece and has the credit to look like a believable No. 1 contender, the WWE has fixed the problems by pushing him in a new direction.


New Gimmick

The gimmick that came along with Swagger's new direction is refreshing.

No longer is Swagger just a cocky All-American wrestler, but instead he has turned into an extremist, following around the overzealous Colter. He now has motivation and a point behind him, regardless of how radical that point is.

It’s a much more extreme heel gimmick than his first one, especially since Colter has already started his immigration hate speech toward the current World Heavyweight Champion, Alberto Del Rio.

Swagger's new gimmick may seem a bit much for the current PG era, but it brings a unique angle for a heel to the WWE.

Colter is trying to hit major nerve with the WWE Universe by spewing his hate, and it only helps in getting Swagger over even more.

Swagger and Del Rio will clash at WrestleMania, and it's already shaping up to be a solid match thanks to Swagger's new gimmick.

The issues Colter pushes might be touchy subjects, but it could make for a great feud as long as the WWE doesn't go over the top with it.

Swagger's new direction has given him a perfect gimmick, which will help him stand out as one of the top heels.


The New American-American

Jack Swagger's new direction is perfect. Using Zeb Colter as the mouth piece for Swagger was a great move by the WWE.

With his wrestling ability, and Zeb Colter drawing a lot of heat, Jack Swagger is turning out to be one of the better heels in the WWE.

The new direction the WWE has put Swagger in matches him up well with Alberto Del Rio. Hopefully these two can start a solid feud and build up their match at WrestleMania.

The real American gimmick may play on issues of hate, which is a surprising way for the WWE to go considering their PG aspect, but Swagger's new direction is refreshing to the heel scene in the WWE and is a perfect role for the potential World Champion.


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