One Product Every BCS Head Coach Should Advertise

Alex CallosCorrespondent IFebruary 21, 2013

One Product Every BCS Head Coach Should Advertise

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    A story recently surfaced about Arizona head coach Rich Rodriguez and Tommy Bahama shirts.

    Rodriguez strongly endorses the shirts. Whether or not they look good on him is certainly up for debate.

    That got us to thinking. Advertising is huge in college football, and it is time head coaches begin advertising during the games. Advertisements are everywhere, so why not let college football coaches display exactly what fits their personality or that of the university.

    Some may be more fitting than others, but here is one product every BCS head coach could advertise during games this upcoming season.

    Remember this is all in good fun.

    *Notre Dame is included with the BCS schools.

    *Realignment for the 2013 college football season has also been taken into account.

Steve Addazio-Boston College

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    Product: Mustache Comb

    There is no question that new Boston College head coach Steve Addazio is sporting the best mustache of any head coach in the game.

    The perfect product for him to advertise would be some type of mustache comb.

    There are plenty to choose from and Addazio could even put on a demonstration during post-game press conferences.

Dabo Swinney-Clemson

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    Product: Sweatshirts

    When the weather is even remotely cold, Clemson head coach Dabo Swiney is not afraid to put on a sweatshirt.

    If the weather is a little warmer, the polos are the top of choice for Swiney, but he is better known for his sweatshirts.

    Look for him to continue to wear those old ugly Clemson sweatshirts in 2013 and beyond.

David Cutcliffe-Duke

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    Product: Sweater Vest

    Even though Duke head coach David Cutcliffe is no Jim Tressel as far as sweater vests are concerned, he is not afraid to sport them once in a while.

    There are not many coaches out there any more who are bold enough to boast a sweater vest every Saturday, but Cutcliffe is certainly one of them.

    Good for him, as it has brought some success to the Duke program.

Jimbo Fisher-Florida State

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    Product: Arena Football League

    Jimbo Fisher starred at Salem College and then Samford before joining the Chicago Bruisers of the Arena Football League in 1988.

    The Arena League is certainly nowhere as popular as some would like.

    With how well known Fisher is across the South, he could do a great job helping out his former league by sponsoring the product.

Paul Johnson-Georgia Tech

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    Product: NCAA Division I-AA

    Now known as the FCS, the old NCAA Division I-AA is where Georgia Tech head coach Paul Johnson got his start.

    As head coach of the Georgia Southern Eagles, he won back-to-back NCAA Division I-AA Football Championships in 1999 and 2000.

    Why not show a little love for his old team and league?

Randy Edsall-Maryland

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    Product: Hoodie

    Randy Edsall might not be in the category of Bill Belichick when it comes to attire, but he is starting to get there with the hoodies he has worn in recent years.

    If the weather is a little cool in Maryland, Edsall will slap on the hoodie and coach while wearing it.

    He does have an advantage over Belichick when it comes to the hoodies, Edsall's are a little newer and not quite as worn down.

Al Golen-Miami

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    Product: Ties

    Al Golden might be the only coach remaining who puts on a tie every Saturday to coach his team.

    While he seems to love the striped ties, the solid orange is also a favorite of his, matching the colors of his Miami Hurricanes.

    There is nothing like a little style for a head coach—and Golden brings that to the field.

Larry Fedora-North Carolina

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    Product: Visors

    Steve Spurrier is known for his visor, but one coach who is following in his footsteps is North Carolina head coach Larry Fedora.

    Fedora may not wear it quite like Spurrier, but give him a few more years and some wins at North Carolina and he might be in that same category.

    Visors might be the perfect product for Fedora to sponsor.

Dave Doeren-North Carolina State

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    Product: Wolf Preserves

    Dave Doeren is the new head coach of North Carolina State after spending the past two seasons with Northern Illinois.

    It is clear that he must like wolves, judging by the mascots of these two teams.

    First the Huskies and now the Wolfpack. Doeren would be the perfect person to sponsor some type of wolf preserves around the country.

Paul Chryst-Pittsburgh

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    Product: Cheese

    Even though Paul Chryst is now entering his second season as the head coach of the Pittsburgh Panthers, his roots are back home in Wisconsin.

    Born and raised in Madison, Chryst was a quarterback for the Badgers from 1986-1988 and also the offensive coordinator of the Badgers from 2005-2011.

    Everybody knows that one of the favorite products in Wisconsin is cheese and Chryst would be the perfect sponsor for that.

Scott Shafer-Syracuse

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    Product: Oranges

    I think there is little doubt what the new head coach of the Syracuse Orange should advertise every Saturday.

    Oranges are the perfect fit for Scott Shafer and Syracuse.

    Now, if they could be enjoying some at the end of the season before a bowl appearance it would be a completely different story.

Mike London-Virginia

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    Product: Nike Wristbands

    Even though he does not always have the wristbands on, Virginia head coach Mike London loves to wear those Nike wristbands.

    While he may not be as well known for his wristbands as Cincinnati Reds head coach Dusty Baker, he enjoys sporting them.

    They look pretty large and seemingly go up half of his forearm.

Frank Beamer-Virginia Tech

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    Product: BMW

    Another name for BMW is a Beamer. Virginia Tech head coach Frank Beamer has the perfect last name to advertise a BMW.

    The NCAA might not look at that as a good thing due to the potential of recruiting violations.

    Either way, I think it is an excellent idea.

Jim Grobe-Wake Forest

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    Product: Odd Mascots

    Wake Forest is by far the smallest school of any playing BCS football, and also has a very unique mascot.

    Head coach Jim Grobe could advertise for all of the schools with mascots who people do not know about.

    After all, what exactly is a Demon Deacon? Maybe a website could be made explaining exactly what each mascot is.

Art Briles-Baylor

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    Product: Christianity

    Baylor head coach Art Briles is a devout Christian and what better platform to advertise Christianity than Saturday afternoon on the football field.

    This is something a little different from a lot of the other products being advertised.

    It would be difficult to figure out exactly how Briles could advertise Christianity, but there would certainly be a way to do it.

Paul Rhoads-Iowa State

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    Product: Dyson Cyclone Vacuum

    As head coach of the Iowa State Cyclones, Paul Rhoads should advertise something that would make fans take notice of Iowa State.

    The Dyson Cyclone is a great vacuum that would be excellent for Rhoads to advertise.

    It seems to fit perfectly.

Charlie Weis-Kansas

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    Product: Newspapers

    Charlie Weis and the Kansas student newspaper were not getting along during the Jayhawks football season, so what better way for Weis to patch things up with the university than by making amends with the student newspaper?

    The best way to do that would be to advertise newspapers in general.

    They have not done well in recent years and Weis could advertise not only the Kansas newspaper, but newspapers in general.

Bill Snyder-Kansas State

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    Product: Prune Juice

    Kansas State head coach Bill Snyder is not only one of the best coaches in college football, but is also one of the oldest.

    What do old people like more than a little prune juice? Probably not too much.

    Who better, as far as college football is concerned, to advertise prune juice than Snyder?

Bob Stoops-Oklahoma

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    Product: AT&T

    We have all seen Bob Stoops on those AT&T commercials. Advertising for AT&T during football games on Saturday would not be a big deal for him.

    Stoops does a great job in those ads and would be even better doing some more promoting during games.

    Maybe he could mention AT&T during his interviews before and after the games. Or he could just say 'Hello' randomly throughout the game.

Mike Gundy-Oklahoma State

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    Product: Hair Gel

    There are a few different things Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy could advertise, but at the top of the list is hair gel.

    One has to wonder just what Gundy uses—or exactly how much—to get it as perfect as it is in the picture above.

    Hair gel would be the perfect product for Gundy to advertise on Saturdays.

Garry Patterson-TCU

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    Product: Cartoon Illustrations

    Whether it is good or bad, TCU head coach Gary Patterson shares a name with a very famous cartoonist.

    Gary Patterson the cartoonist is famous for cats, dogs, golfing and other illustrations. He sounds pretty cool if you ask me. 

    The TCU head coach would be the perfect way to get more publicity for the cartoonist.

Mack Brown-Texas

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    Product: Beef Cattle

    Is there anything else that Mack Brown would advertise?

    We all know that the Texas Longhorn is a breed of cattle that is known to have long horns that can extend out to seven feet.

    The Longhorns already have Bevo as their mascot, but the Longhorn certainly does not want to advertise itself to be eaten.

Kliff Kingsbury-Texas Tech

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    Product: Canadian Football League

    Kliff Kingsbury is one of the younger head coaches in college football, and will be entering his first season running the show for Texas Tech.

    He did spend some time after his college days in the Canadian Football League. He played in 2007 with the Montreal Alouettes and was then traded to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

    We all know the CFL could use some advertising to increase popularity in the states.

Dana Holgorsen-West Virginia

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    Product: Red Bull

    Even though West Virginia head coach Dana Holgorsen starts off his day with coffee, it is all Red Bull after that.

    He has been considered a compulsive Red Bull drinker and can be seen on the practice field with one in his hand.

    There are few products on the list that fit a coach more than Red Bull does with Holgorsen.

Tommy Tuberville-Cincinnati

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    Product: Headsets

    We all saw Tommy Tuberville explode on an assistant coach last season when he grabbed the headset of graduate assistant Kevin Oliver.

    It was something that warranted some type of punishment according to some, but nothing really came of it.

    Maybe having Tuberville advertise headsets would allow him to gain a little more respect for the product and even show it on the field.

Paul Pasqualoni-Connecticut

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    Product: Dunkin' Donuts

    One of the major sponsors of Connecticut is Dunkin' Donuts. It is found in the background of post-game press conferences and the product head coach Paul Pasqualoni would be best served to advertise.

    Maybe he could eat a donut at the end of each quarter.

    Perhaps a better idea to advertise the product would be to give a donut to every fan as it enters the stadium.

Tony Levine-Houston

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    Product: Cougars

    What is better to advertise than a school mascot? Houston head coach Tony Levine might be best served to advertise the cougar that represents his university.

    Now, there are a few different types of cougars, so it might be up for debate as to exactly which ones he would be advertising.

    Either way, I think it is a win-win for Levine and the fans.

Charlie Strong-Louisville

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    Product: Bic Razors

    There are some people who are bald by choice and others who just can't grow any hair.

    Louisville head coach Charlie Strong could be on either side of that spectrum, but either way his head is always perfectly shaved.

    While it is not common knowledge what type of razor he uses, advertising a Bic razor would be perfect for Strong.

Justin Fuente-Memphis

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    Product: Zoos across the country

    Memphis is new to the BCS level and head coach Justin Fuente will be entering his second season at the university.

    The tiger is the Memphis mascot and Tigers are found at the zoo.

    Maybe the zoo would be the perfect product for Fuente to advertise. Perhaps a different animal at every game.

Kyle Flood-Rutgers

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    Product: Salt and Pepper

    Judging by the hair of Rutgers head coach Kyle Flood, I think salt and pepper is the perfect product for Flood to advertise.

    Some women like the salt and pepper look from a man, and Flood appears to be pulling it off.

    The Scarlet Knights certainly did well on the field in his first season running the program.

June Jones-SMU

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    Product: Leis

    Even though June Jones is at SMU and is no longer the head coach of Hawaii, I still believe a leis would be appropriate.

    Jones pulled it off during his time with the Warriors and actually wore it quite well.

    He has certainly not looked the same since. I think wearing a leis around his neck might jump start his career once again.

Willie Taggart-South Florida

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    Product: Bull Riding

    As the new head coach of the South Florida Bulls, Willie Taggart could advertise bull riding.

    What better way to get fans into the game?

    Maybe some type of rodeo at halftime of the Bulls games. Or maybe a rodeo fundraiser where Taggart could ride the bull.

Matt Rhule-Temple

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    Product: All things nocturnal

    Matt Rhule is the new head coach of the Temple Owls and everybody knows an owl is a nocturnal animal.

    I think Rhule would be best advised to advertise nocturnal animals. There are plenty out there to choose from and maybe some of them could be on the field during the game.

    That would certainly make things interesting.

George O'Leary-South Florida

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    Product: Sunscreen

    It can get very hot down in Florida, particularly at the beginning of the season and in summer camp.

    Just look at the picture of head coach George O'Leary and it is easy to tell just what he needs.

    Some sunscreen would be absolutely perfect. It does not look like he wears any right now. Who knows, it might even help him be more comfortable while coaching his Central Florida squad.

Tim Beckman-Illinois

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    Product: Visor with Sunglasses

    Some coaches sport the visor and others spot the sunglasses. But few can pull off both quite like Illinois head coach Tim Beckman.

    Maybe a product needs to come out that combines the visor and sunglasses all into one.

    No doubt that Beckman would wear it and wear it very well.

Kevin Wilson-Indiana

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    Product: Spalding Basketballs

    No state is more into its basketball than Indiana, and while the Hoosiers have struggled on the football field in recent years, one way to attract attention to the program would be to advertise something the entire state of Indiana loves, a Spalding basketball.

    Indiana head coach Kevin Wilson could maybe spin a basketball on this finger on the sideline during the game.

    It would at least be mildly entertaining when the Hoosiers are getting blown out.

Kirk Ferentz-Iowa

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    Product: Cornstalks

    Everybody has heard about the cornfields that are found throughout the state of Iowa.

    What better product for Iowa and head coach Kirk Ferentz to advertise than some cornstalks. Maybe have a few ears of corn or some tall cornstalks on the sideline.

    Cornfields have been made famous for many years in Iowa, so why not continue to let it grow in popularity.

Brady Hoke-Michigan

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    Product: Mike & Mike in the Morning

    Michigan head coach Brady Hoke looks like a lot of things, and at the top of the list is ESPN personality Mike Golic.

    The two look like they could be brothers and possibly even twins.

    Maybe Hoke could be a walking advertisement for Mike & Mike during Michigan football games. The radio show might not need it, but it would definitely be very funny to see.

Mark Dantonio-Michigan State

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    Product: Prescription Heart Medication

    Michigan State head coach Mark Dantonio suffered a heart attack back in 2010 and thankfully has been okay ever since.

    The perfect product for Dantonio to advertise would be some type of heart medication. There are plenty out there, but heart medication in general would be a perfect fit.

    Dantonio could help save lives with this advertisement.

Jerry Kill-Minnesota

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    Product: Seizure Medications

    Minnesota head coach Jerry Kill has suffered multiple seizures over the years, and the most recent came at halftime of a game this past season against Michigan State.

    Health concerns have long been an issue for Kill, and he could be a walking advertisement for seizure medications.

    Like heart medicine, there are plenty medications to choose from including Tegretol, Felbatol and Zarontin. Any one of these could be advertised by Kill.

Bo Pelini-Nebraska

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    Product: Caricatures

    Bo Pelini has one of the more unique facial expressions in college football. He has the perfect face for caricatures and would also be a great sponsor for the product.

    How about making a different caricature of him every game and flashing it on the big screen during timeouts of the game.

    Take a look at Pelini in this caricature. He certainly fits the mold.

Pat Fitzgerald-Northwestern

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    Product: Smartfood

    Everybody knows just how intelligent the Northwestern football players are. What better way to shout that out than with some Smartfood.

    Some may not know exactly what that is, but it is most popular for the white cheddar popcorn it produces.

    Perhaps Northwestern could sell Frito Lay produced product at its football games. It might just make the fans a little more intelligent too.

Urban Meyer-Ohio State

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    Product: Snapping Turtles

    Urban Meyer has long been a supporter of former Ohio State head coach Woody Hayes, and that was not more obvious than earlier in the week when he told an old Woody Hayes story involving a snapping turtle.

    Meyer claimed Hayes let a snapping turtle bite his penis in an attempt to motivate his players.

    It seems very far-fetched, and was later said not to be true, but some would certainly not rule it out of the realm of possibilities.

    A snapping turtle would be perfect for Meyer and the Buckeyes. 

Bill O'Brien-Penn State

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    Product: Security Systems

    With the scandal and everything that has happened to Penn State over the past few years, some added security around the university would not be a bad thing.

    Maybe head coach Bill O'Brien could advertise some type of security system.

    It could even be tested out throughout the stadium.

Darrell Hazell-Purdue

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    Product: Cars

    New Purdue head coach Darrell Hazell has a number of different cars. He is not afraid to drive any and all of them.

    A story surfaced recently involving Hazell not knowing what car he was driving when he came to visit a recruit.

    The perfect advertisement for Hazell might be all the different car manufacturers on his shirt, kind of like NASCAR only the opposite. 

Gary Andersen-Wisconsin

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    Product: Mormon Missions

    New Wisconsin head coach Gary Andersen was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah and spent time as the head coach of Southern Utah and Utah State.

    Everybody knows the Morman religion is big in Utah, so what better product for Andersen to advertise than Mormon missions.

    They are very important to those of Morman faith and bringing that to Wisconsin might actually be a positive thing.

Brian Kelly-Notre Dame

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    Product: Jesus Statues

    Not many schools in the country are quite like Notre Dame, and there are many different reasons for that.

    One of the many things that sets Notre Dame apart is the "Touchdown Jesus" mural visible from inside the stadium.

    That is the perfect product for Kelly to advertise, particularly during home games. Maybe the university could sell a few murals or statues throughout the season.

Rich Rodriguez-Arizona

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    Product: Tommy Bahama Shirts

    We have now reached the main idea for his article. Rich Rodriguez sporting the Tommy Bahama shirt is absolutely perfect.

    He might as well be coaching Hawaii, but Arizona fans are going to have to get used to it because, Rodriguez seems to love it.

    They will certainly look a little better on him than they would have if he was still coaching West Virginia or Michigan.

Todd Graham-Arizona State

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    Product: Skymiles

    There are fewer coaches in the country who are more well-traveled than Arizona State head coach Todd Graham.

    Good thing for the Sun Devils is he is sticking around, at least for one more year. Graham coached Rice for one season in 2006 before spending four years with Tulsa, followed by a year at Pittsburgh and then jumping to Arizona State in 2012.

    Four FBS teams in seven years is almost unheard of. Hopefully he had some skymiles for all that traveling.

Sonny Dykes-California

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    Product: Air Raids

    Air raids are certainly not a good thing, but new California head coach Sonny Dykes is known for his air raids.

    That is the best way to describe his offensive attack, which he learned from his former mentors Hal Mumme and Mike Leach.

    The air raid offense is one that is not afraid to throw the ball around. Dykes knows a thing or two about that coming from Louisiana Tech.

    Air raids of some form would be the perfect thing for him to advertise.

Mik MacIntyre-Colorado

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    Product: Cattle

    New Colorado head coach Mike MacIntyre has a lot of work to do with a struggling program, and he has some advertising to do as well.

    One product he could advertise and one that makes a lot of sense would be cattle.

    Colorado is the perfect place for that, and with the mascot being a buffalo, he is already well on his way.

Mark Helfrich-Oregon

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    Product: Rogaine

    I think the picture of new Oregon head coach Mark Helfrich says it all. Rogaine would be absolutely perfect for him to advertise.

    There are certainly a few other coaches who could advertise Rogaine, but Helfrich tops the list.

    Instead of a headset on his head, why not put a little Rogaine on and let fans see how it works during the game.

Mike Riley-Oregon State

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    Product: Potatoes

    Some may be wondering why in the world Oregon State head coach Mike Riley would be advertising potatoes.

    Well, the answer is very simple. Riley was born and raised in Wallace, Idaho. We all know what Idaho is famous for.

    Perhaps, he could carry around a sack of potatoes on the sideline during the games. Or maybe some potato sack races at halftime.

David Shaw-Stanford

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    Product: Barbasol

    Stanford head coach David Shaw has the same perfectly shaved look that Louisville head coach Charlie Strong does.

    While Bic razors were chosen for Strong to advertise, why not let Shaw show off some shaving cream, and more specifically Barbasol.

    One good way to advertise would be to have somebody shave his head at halftime with some Barbasol to show just how well it works.

Jim Mora Jr.-UCLA

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    Product: Playoffs

    Who can forget the rant Jim Mora Jr.'s father, Jim Sr., went on about practice when he was the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts?

    That was certainly one of the greatest soundbites in the history of sports.

Lane Kiffin-USC

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    Product: Lie Detectors

    Judging by his past actions, it is very hard to trust a guy like Lane Kiffin.

    The University of Tennessee can attest to that. There is no product better for Kiffin to advertise than a lie detector.

    It just might be a good idea to put him on a lie detector to really figure some things out.

Kyle Whittingham-Utah

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    Product: Salt Water

    The state of Utah is famous for salt water, so why not have University of Utah head coach Kyle Whittingham advertise it. 

    The University of Utah is actually located in Salt Lake City so that makes salt water even more appropriate.

    Salt water can be used for so many things and Whittingham could certainly demonstrate that.

Steve Sarkisian-Washington

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    Products: Sunglasses

    Even though Washington head coach Steve Sarkisian does not always wear the sunglasses on gameday, he almost always has them on come practice time.

    It might be a good idea for him to wear the sunglasses a little more often, as he could pull it off well with the visor he is almost always wearing during games.

    He has a "cool" look that few other coaches can pull off.

Mike Leach-Washington State

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    Product: Concussion Medications

    Mike Leach allegedly had a way to deal with a concussion during his time at Texas Tech when he isolated wide receiver Adam James in an electrical closet because James had concussion-like symptoms.

    Whether or not it actually happened is still up for debate, but Leach had his own way to handle it.

    There are many other ways to handle concussions, and making Leach advertise them might be the best way for him to learn how to properly treat a player with those symptoms when it comes up again.

Nick Saban-Alabama

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    Product: Straw Hats

    Nobody can pull off the straw hats quite like Alabama head coach Nick Saban.

    They are not very common on gameday, but when he is holding an NFL-like practice for the Crimson Tide, the straw hat fits him perfect.

    I suggest Saban should wear the straw hat all day, everyday. Even at home and away from the field. There is no question they would be a hit throughout SEC country.

Bret Bielema-Arkansas

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    Product: Windbreakers

    New Arkansas head coach Bret Bielema is bringing the windbreakers from up north at Wisconsin down south to Arkansas.

    With how warm the weather is, he might not need to wear them quite as much, but at every opportunity, there is no question that he will be seen in one.

    The fans of the Razorbacks are soon going to be fans of windbreakers as well, thanks to Bielema.

Gus Malzahn-Auburn

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    Product: Lenscrafters

    Not many head coaches sport glasses, but new Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn is one of them.

    There could be plenty of excellent promotions to go along with this, including passing out glasses to the first 10,000 fans arriving at each game.

    No question Lenscrafters or some other glasses company would jump on that.

Will Muschamp-Florida

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    Product: Gatorade

    The idea for the very popular sports drink Gatorade started at the University of Florida, so it is only appropriate for head coach Will Muschamp to advertise that.

    Gatorade is certainly already all over the sidelines of college football, and something that could set Muschamp and Florida apart might be a new flavor.

    An excellent idea might be to name a new flavor after the university.

Mark Richt-Georgia

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    Product: Dog Shelters

    There are few mascots in the country more intimidating than the Georgia Bulldog. It has been known to nip at a player or two from opposing teams.

    Since the University of Georgia seems to love its animals, it might be a good idea to advertise something like an animal shelter.

    If the university brought in a few dogs to show off, it could be a chance for fans to come to the game and sample the dogs.

    Maybe take one home for the family.

Mark Stoops-Kentucky

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    Product: Ginger

    Red heads are a very rare breed this day and age. New Kentucky head coach Mark Stoops is one of them, and why not advertise something he must know a lot about.

    Ginger has a number of different uses including cooking as a spice, delicacy or even as medicine.

    It is very versatile. The University of Kentucky might just fall in love with it and Stoops in the process.

Les Miles-LSU

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    Product: Grass seed

    Who can forget Les Miles reaching to the ground and picking some grass to munch on a few years ago. He has done it a few times since, and has become popular for it.

    There are few coaches in the country who are more quirky than Miles, and this is one of his many idiosyncrasies.

    He could even be on commercials for Scott's and other grass seed products.


Hugh Freeze-Ole Miss

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    Product: Tents

    Ole Miss head coach Hugh Freeze has done a great job at Ole Miss, including bringing in a tremendous recruiting class this season.

    One excellent aspect of the university is tailgating on the legendary Grove. What the fans here love to do is put up tents.

    They are all over the place, and there is nothing better for Freeze to advertise than those tents. Perhaps he could stand underneath a tent while coaching the Rebels.

Dan Mullen-Mississippi State

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    Product: Eggs

    One of the best in-state rivalries in college football resides in the state of Mississippi, and it is referred to as the Egg Bowl.

    The game is a battle between Ole Miss and Mississippi State. Tents seem to fit Ole Miss a little better, so why not let Mississippi State have the eggs.

    Throwing them up into the stands during timeouts might also be an excellent idea.

Gary Pinkel-Missouri

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    Product: Helicopters

    Missouri head coach Gary Pinkel made a splash on a recruiting visit just over a year ago when he landed on the football field of Dorial Green-Beckham in a helicopter.  

    That is quite a way to impress a recruit, and it certainly worked as Green-Beckham ended up signing with Missouri.

    Maybe Pinkel could land on the field in a helicopter each game. That would certainly be a way to get the crowd into it.

Butch Jones-Tennessee

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    Product: Mucinex

    Anybody who has ever heard new Tennessee head coach Butch Jones speak knows he has a tendency to lose his voice once in a while and become hoarse.

    It almost sounds like he needs to clear he throat every once in a while.

    There is the perfect product for that, Mucinex. Jones could have a little on the sidelines for the Vols games.

Kevin Sumlin- Texas A&M

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    Product: WWE

    WWE is not as popular as it used to be, but news broke earlier in the week that Texas A&M head coach Kevin Sumlin is receiving an honorary world heavyweight champion belt.

    This is a great story and makes Sumlin the perfect walking advertisement for the WWE.

    It would be the perfect idea for him to wear the the new belt he is being given during the games. Talk about an intimidation factor.

Steve Spurrier-South Carolina

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    Product: Visors

    There is no product more fitting for any head coach to advertise than visors for South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier.

    He seemingly has worn them forever, and they have become a staple for Spurrier.

    No matter what type of visors he is advertising they will sell in South Carolina.

    A free giveaway at the first home game of the year might be a great idea.

James Franklin-Vanderbilt

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    Product: Satan

    The comments Vanderbilt head coach James Franklin made concerning Alabama head coach Nick Saban make it fitting for him to advertise for Satan.

    Franklin called Saban, "Nicky Satan," and while it was done in a a joking manner, it is still very entertaining.

    Nothing better for Franklin to advertise than Satan himself.