Last-Minute Trades the Atlanta Hawks Should Propose

Amber North@NoDensityContributor IIFebruary 20, 2013

Josh Smith could be leaving Atlanta for the first time in his life.
Josh Smith could be leaving Atlanta for the first time in his life.Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Josh Smith cannot stay out of the trade rumor circuit. In fact, his name has become so prominent in potential deals that these last few days before the NBA trade deadline have been dubbed the "Josh Smith Sweepstakes."

The Atlanta Hawks forward is good as gone in the eyes of most NBA writers, who were also kind to share their insight on the situation.

ESPN’s Marc Stein reported that the Hawks were determined to make a move before the deadline at 3 p.m. Thursday.

The Brooklyn Nets, Dallas Mavericks, Houston Rockets, San Antonio Spurs and Milwaukee Bucks have been the most consistent teams to express some interest in a Smith trade.

Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski said the Nets and Boston Celtics are the strongest suitors in the chase.

Of course, trading Smith tops the priority list, but there are some other trades the Hawks could make before the deadline.

Al Horford, Lou Williams and John Jenkins are the only players under contract next season, so the Hawks must make moves for other players.

It's a great time for the Hawks to think about the present and future.

Hawks Trade Josh Smith for Bucks Guard Monta Ellis

This is the most recent trade rumor and it might actually work out for the Hawks—both short- and long-term.

CBS Sports’ Mark Moore reported that, with point guard Monta Ellis’ expiring contract this season, the Hawks could have more cap space to go after a quality free agent in the summer.

If not, Ellis could be pair up with Hawks point guard Jeff Teague and fill in for what injured guard Lou Williams did best: score off the ball.

The only problem with this trade is that the Hawks would be adding yet another wingman to the roster, while their post game continues to look bleakly undersized.

Hawks Trade Josh Smith for the Nets’ Kris Humphries, MarShon Brooks and First-Round Draft Pick

This trade may be the best bet for the Hawks for now. Kris Humphries has not played like a $12 million player this season, but his size would be a big help for the Hawks.

It would be an even bigger help if Humphries could revert to the double-double machine that he was last season.

Otherwise, this trade would be a bust for the Hawks.

Brooks could serve well as a reserve shooting guard and the first-round pick is a good choice for developing the Hawks’ future.

But Humphries is getting paid too well to be as mediocre as he is this year. The Hawks’ lack of a fierce post presence is too big of an issue for them to take such a huge risk.

Then again, keeping Smith in Atlanta could be an even bigger gamble.

The Nets look eager to give him the max contract money he seeks, and understandably so.

Smith may have an ugly jumper and cannot sink a three to save his life, but he is arguably one of the most versatile forwards in the league.

Brooklyn would definitely benefit greatly from this trade. Now it’s up to the Hawks to see what they get in return.

Hawks Trade Devin Harris for Magic Guard J.J. Redick

Orlando Magic guard J.J. Redick is having his best NBA season. His 15.2 points, 4.4 assists and 2.4 rebounds per game (as of Feb. 19) are all career-high averages.

Redick is currently making $6.19 million in the final year of his contract, but he could be getting a raise with this kind of performance.

Meanwhile, the Hawks acquired $8.5 million worth of uselessness in starting guard Devin Harris. He has totally failed in finding his comfort zone in the Hawks offense.

Harris has had plenty of chances to show glimpses of the Devin Harris from his stint with the Nets, but still hasn’t made an impact on the team.

Atlanta already has a sharpshooter in small forward Kyle Korver, but Redick would be a nice addition. After all, a team cannot have too many pure scorers.

According to ESPN’s NBA Trade Machine, this deal is more beneficial to the Hawks. 


Hawks Trade Anthony Morrow for Timberwolves Guard Luke Ridnour


The Atlanta Hawks could use a point guard like Luke Ridnour as a backup to Teague.

Georgia Tech alum Anthony Morrow is barely getting playing time, yet is making the same amount of money as Ridnour at $4 million.

This trade really could work for the Hawks. If the Hawks keep Harris, Ridnour would still be a better second-string choice.

Ridnour averages 12.3 points and 3.9 assists a game in comparison to Morrow’s averages of 5.2 points and 0.4 assists.

Ridnour is on a losing team and has started all 50 games so far, but he still would be a bigger asset for the Hawks than Morrow. 

Like Devin Harris, Morrow played for the Nets, and also like Harris, he is nowhere near as good now as he was in previous years. Maybe playing for a sub-.500 team could get him more minutes.

Hawks Trade Zaza Pachulia for Blazers Center J.J. Hickson

Zaza Pachulia’s time in Atlanta could be running out. In fact, it would be best for the Hawks to part with the flopping Georgian.

Instead, the Hawks could bring in Portland Trailblazers center and Atlanta native, J.J. Hickson

Hickson has a more versatile game than Pachulia, but the latter does have size. Hickson playing center at only 6’9” could be another headache for the oft-mismatched Hawks post game.

Then again, Hickson's size can be overlooked. Post moves like the one in the clip aren't easy to coach (unless, of course, you're attending Hakeem Olajuwon's Big Man Camp). 

If anything, Hickson and Al Horford could switch playing the 5 position. And if Smith leaves Atlanta, Hickson would be a perfect candidate to fill Smith's void.


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