Oklahoma State: Way Too Early Game-by-Game Schedule Predictions for 2013

Bradlee Ross@rossbeCorrespondent IIFebruary 19, 2013

Oklahoma State: Way Too Early Game-by-Game Schedule Predictions for 2013

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    The Oklahoma State Cowboys’ 2013 schedule is not an easy one, but it does look like it will yield a great season for the Orange faithful.

    Road games against WVU, Texas and Iowa State will each pose unique challenges. Home games versus Oklahoma and Kansas State will rock Boone Pickens Stadium. The kickoff to the exciting season will be a neutral game in Houston against the Mississippi State Bulldogs.

    It is way too early to make predictions for any of those games, but we don’t really care, do we? Football season may have just ended, but we are all having withdrawals already.

August 31: Mississippi State Bulldogs (at Reliant Stadium in Houston)

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    This is a big tossup and an important game for both teams.

    While Mississippi State is talented, watching both teams last season clearly indicated that the Cowboys were the superior team. The Cowboys know how to win, and they will want this one. It will be a very important game for the program, and I think the Cowboys will do what it takes to pull out a victory.

September 7: San Antonio Roadrunners (Away)

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    This should be a huge win for the Cowboys.

    It will not be as bad as the 84-0 beating they put on Savannah State this past season, but it will not be within four touchdowns either. Oklahoma State has a massive talent advantage, and the Roadrunners have only been playing at this level of college football for a year.

September 14: Lamar Cardinals (at Home)

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    One could basically look at the previous slide and get the gist here.

    Lamar even having to play Oklahoma State is a bad byproduct of college football today, in which big-time teams have to pad their schedules to get wins. The Cardinals did not play a single team from a BCS conference last season. The Louisiana Ragin’ Cajuns blew them out by 40 points and were then blown out a few weeks later by Oklahoma State by 40 points. So, that’s where we are.

September 28: West Virginia Mountaineers (Away)

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    Playing in Morgantown, West Virginia, is tough, especially when you have never done it.

    Dana Holgorsen is the type of coach who will want revenge for the 21-point drubbing he received in Stillwater this past season. The Cowboys have not played out there, and it truly is a whole different world. The Mountaineers will not be the most talented team on the field, but they will squeak out an upset over the Cowboys.

October 5: Kansas State Wildcats (at Home)

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    This series is usually won by the home team, and the Cowboys will not disappoint in 2013.

    Both of these teams will be very talented. Many will expect the Wildcats to fall off after losing Collin Klein to graduation, but Kansas State will exceed their expectations. This game will be a good one, but the Cowboys’ superior offensive power will deliver the game to them.

October 19: TCU Horned Frogs (at Home)

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    The Horned Frogs get the “privilege” of having to play Oklahoma State in Boone Pickens Stadium for the second straight season.

    TCU is a good team, but they are not yet on the level of Oklahoma State. Gary Patterson will have them their before long, but they will not catch up by this next matchup. This will be another tight game for the Cowboys, but an athletic advantage should serve them well.

October 26: Iowa State Cyclones (Away)

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    Playing in Ames, Iowa, tripped up the Cowboys back in 2011, but it will not this time around.

    The Cyclones are a good team. However, their lack of offensive consistency is likely to carry over into next season. If a team is unable to score consistently, it will be completely unable to defeat the Cowboys. That is what will happen to Iowa State in this game.

November 2: Texas Tech Red Raiders (Away)

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    The Cowboys have not lost to the Red Raiders in a long time, and that streak will not be broken in 2013.

    Kliff Kingsbury was the right choice to lead the Texas Tech program. He will lead it back to greater things, but it will take him time. Oklahoma State is leaps and bounds ahead of him, and it will show in Lubbock on that day.

November 9: Kansas Jayhawks (at Home)

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    The Kansas Jayhawks are not very good. That is all I have.

    Oklahoma State has beaten the Jayhawks every time the two teams have played since Mark Mangino led them to the Orange Bowl a few years back. Much has changed since then in Lawrence, and the Cowboys have a great talent and speed advantage now. This one will be an easy win.

November 16: Texas Longhorns (Away)

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    Winning in Austin two years in a row is not something that teams do very often. The Cowboys' streak will end this year.

    The Texas Longhorns have to come back to semiprominence at some point, but it will be tough for the Cowboys to win in Austin even if the Longhorns don’t. Texas will always have the talent advantage in this game. This matchup will be a barnburner, but I think the Cowboys will come out on the bad end of it.

November 23: Baylor Bears (at Home)

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    Baylor embarrassed Oklahoma State in Waco last season. Revenge will be on the Pokes’ collective mind.

    Oklahoma State and Baylor are both programs on the rise. However, it is the Cowboys' turn to win this one, and they are the better, more talented team. Playing at home will push this game over the edge, making it a decisive Cowboys victory.

December 7: Oklahoma Sooners (at Home)

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    Gone are the days when this game as a Sooners win was a foregone conclusion.

    The Cowboys have the talent and coaching to compete with the Sooners on the field, particularly when you consider that Oklahoma will have lost some important players in the offseason. This game will never be easy. Throw out the records, throw out everything you know. This game is always a tossup, but it will go to the Cowboys, who will want to avenge the game they should have won in Norman this past season.

    Season Record Prediction: 10-2