WWE Elimination Challenge 2013 Highlights: Best Finishing Moves from Epic Night

Dan TalintyreSenior Analyst IIFebruary 18, 2013

Photo via wwe.com
Photo via wwe.com

The 2013 WWE Elimination Challenge provided plenty of breathtaking bouts and highly-controversial incidents, with The Rock's victory over CM Punk capping off a tremendous night of wrestling action.

The main event itself was an incredibly close affair—as were several other fights throughout the night—with one or two moves being the difference in the end.

Let's take look at some of the best finishing moves from an epic night of action. 


CM Punk hits Paul Heyman, loses by submission

Arguably the best finishing move of the night went to CM Punk, who finished off Paul Heyman instead of The Rock, who moved out of the way at the last second to avoid getting knocked out.

From there, The Rock was quickly able to take down CM Punk and get the submission straight after, with The Rock Bottom proving successful again.

CM Punk's wild shot could have changed the fight had he made contact with The Rock. Instead, he simply brought upon his own undoing in the bout as a result. 


Alberto Del Rio forces The Big Show to submit

Alberto Del Rio forced The Big Show into a clean submission in their bout for the World Heavyweight Championship, with the former executing a Cross Armbreaker perfectly to win the clash.

For Del Rio to win so cleanly on The Big Show and force the giant into tapping out—something that we rarely see him do in WWE—was a truly special move indeed.

Del Rio is continuing to develop into a top face of WWE.


Roman Reigns' spear on Sheamus

Poor Sheamus—he never saw the spear from Roman Reigns coming.

The spear through the barricade from Reigns didn't completely finish the fight, but it was a move that finished Sheamus from the match and swung momentum and the advantage back to The Shield.

Few were expecting The Shield to end up winning this one, but its victory could be put down to the spot where Reigns' changed the fight completely.


What were the best moves from 2013 WWE Elimination Challenge?

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