TMZ Reports That Ric Flair Has Filed for a Protective Order Against His Wife

Sharon GlencrossContributor IFebruary 18, 2013

Flair...more trouble in his personal life
Flair...more trouble in his personal lifeJason Smith/Getty Images

Ric Flair's troubled personal life is once again under the spotlight, with TMZ reporting that the legend is seeking a protective order against his estranged wife Jacqueline Fliehr.

Citing recent court documents, the entertainment news site reports:

Ric filed docs in response to his wife's legal separation papers -- calling Jackie "cruel" and "barbarous," and claiming she has endangered his life in drunken fits of rage ... multiple times throughout their marriage.

In the docs, Ric says Jackie went after him -- back in February 2010 -- with a glass object and "shattered it over his forehead, cutting him severely, and requiring medical attention."

Even though they've been separated since December ... Ric says he's still terrified of his estranged wife, and is now asking the court for a domestic violence protective order.

These accusations stem from two very messy and widely reported domestic incidents, one in February 2010, the other in June of last year, which saw Fliehr accused of attacking her husband (via WCNC).

The two had a tumultuous relationship, for sure. So much so that no one could have been terribly shocked when it was announced (soon after the second incident at their Charlotte, N.C. home) that the two were divorcing. This marks Flair's fourth divorce.

Per the article, Flair is also claiming that his wife's "badmouthing" has damaged him financially, costing him numerous "endorsement contracts."

Fliehr has publicly slammed the WWE Hall of Famer for refusing to pay her alimony, as well as his personal conduct throughout their three-year marriage.

It will be interesting to see if Flair's personal woes serve as an obstacle to a full-time WWE deal in the future.

Thanks to the end of the TNA/WWE talent-tampering lawsuit, Vince McMahon is now free and clear to sign the "Nature Boy" to a contract.  But does he want to deal with a performer who is in and out of gossip pages time and time again?    

At the very least, he can try to talk the legend out of ever getting married again.