Power Ranking UFC 157's Main Card Fights

Jake Martin@JakeMartinSECCorrespondent IIIFebruary 20, 2013

Power Ranking UFC 157's Main Card Fights

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    UFC 157 will be the biggest night in Women's MMA history.

    For the first time ever, two women will headline a UFC pay-per-view, as Ronda Rousey defends her women's bantamweight title against Liz Carmouche.

    But can a women's match really hold that main event slot? Names such as Urijah Faber, Dan Henderson Lyoto Machida and Josh Koscheck, who have all main evented a UFC PPV before, grace UFC 157 in big matchups this Saturday night, but it's the women who will close out the show.

    Is Rousey vs. Carmouche the real main event? Furthermore, is the first ever women's match in UFC history the most anticipated bout of UFC 157?

5. Court McGee vs. Josh Neer

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    Neither Court McGee nor Josh Neer are considered to be superstars.

    On a card full of big names, Neer and McGee will easily be overlooked. But in all honesty, they shouldn't.

    Despite their lack of draw on a grand stage at this point in their careers, both men will likely tear the house down. Their styles welcome it.

    Neer, who could be considered as a stepbrother to Nick and Nate Diaz because of his demeanor and style, will most likely pass up the feeling out process. Neer likes to get within striking range and make the fight ugly with a barrage of elbow attacks. Backing down isn't an option for McGee though.

    He boasts a strong, durable chin, and if his three-round war against Nick Ring suggests anything, McGee should stand in the pocket and slug away with Neer. This fight has show-stealer capability.

4. Josh Koscheck vs. Robbie Lawler

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    Finally, Robbie Lawler will return to the UFC, and it's been a long time coming.

    After an eight-year hiatus from the UFC, Lawler will rejoin the flagship company with a 19-9 record. Unlucky for him though, Josh Koscheck will greet him back inside the Octagon.

    For those who are unaware of Lawler's fighting style, he's a versatile striker with one-punch knockout power. For those nonbelievers, see his bout against Melvin Manhoef.

    Koscheck, knowing this, will most likely take this fight to the ground. Anyone else having flashbacks of Koscheck versus Paul Daley? If Koscheck decides to keep this one on the feet, it could be a thrilling showdown between two heavy-handed strikers. However, should he decide to take Lawler down, it could serve as a good ol' wrestling match. Cue the boos.

    Let's hope Koscheck wants to test his striking game in this one.

3. Urijah Faber vs. Ivan Menjivar

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    If you can't get excited for a Urijah Faber fight, then what can you get excited for?

    When "California Love" hits the speakers, the crowd goes wild and that's because they know Faber is about to squabble and get down.

    Thankfully, his combatant this Saturday has no problem with getting into a scrap as well. When Faber steps into the cage with Ivan Menjivar, flashy moves will be on the menu.

    Of Menjivar's five UFC fights, he's won three of them by impressive stoppages, while Faber's credentials are well documented. Many believe Faber is the man who put the lighter weight classes on the map because of his carefree, throw caution to the wind type of style. Dangerous? Yes, but it’s entertaining nonetheless.

    So when these two fast, explosive bantamweights go toe-to-toe this Saturday night, fans should get their money's worth.

2. Lyoto Machida vs. Dan Henderson

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    This matchup is downright compelling.

    Dan Henderson, who's proficient in simplistic arts like wrestling and boxing, will take on Lyoto Machida, who has a complex, mixed style of Karate, Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

    What will happen when these two styles collide? Not only is this an intriguing matchup, but the winner of this fight will most likely be the No. 1 contender for Jon Jones' light heavyweight championship.

    Both Machida and Henderson are legends of this sport, and because Machida has great takedown defense, Henderson's outstanding wrestling skills may be nullified in this bout.

    That should make this a standup battle for three rounds. Machida is the quicker and more elusive of the two, but Henderson undoubtedly has superior knockout power. This matchup could have easily main evented this card, but it can't top history—it can't top the "Ronda Rousey factor".

1. Ronda Rousey vs Liz Carmouche

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    Rousey is elite. Rousey is marketable. Rousey is a superstar in this sport.

    Beautiful and dangerous best describes the first UFC women's champion, and she portrays that in both interviews and fights. Her predominant fighting style is Judo, in which she was an Olympic bronze medalist. It's helped her dominate every MMA fight she's ever been in, and it's led to her winning all six of her professional MMA fights by armbar in the first round.

    "So how can you put this fight No. 1, if she's going to just run through Carmouche?" a Dan Henderson fan ponders.

    Sure, Carmouche is a heavy underdog heading into this bout, and another Rousey armbar victory will most likely occur, but this is history.

    And truth be told, women rarely disappoint when it comes to MMA. They're vicious. Always moving forward and pressing the action, these women go out and put on highly-entertaining fights. So give credit to Rousey and to all women MMA fighters. They've earned their due.