Shaqtin a Fool: Chris Bosh, DeAndre Jordan Get Immortalized with Putrid Shooting

Dan FavaleFeatured ColumnistFebruary 18, 2013

Chris Bosh is no stranger to making cameos, so he should feel right at home making his debut on TNT's weekly Shaqtin' a Fool segment.

In this edition, Bosh gets chided for an absolutely horrid right-handed jump hook that would have made Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's eyes bleed.

Bosh's hook shot sailed right over the glass. Not the rim, the glass.

I'm not entirely sure the Miami Heat want to see Bosh taking hooks in the first place, let alone ones that threaten to injure a fan in the stands. 

Los Angeles Clippers big man DeAndre Jordan probably would have welcomed some over-the-top action himself, though, after hoisting up what Shaquille O'Neal called the "worst free-throw attempt of all time."

After watching Jordan miss the rim by more than a foot, it's hard to disprove Shaq's logic. He essentially redefined the not-art of bricking. It was that bad.

DeAndre was so far off, I actually thought he was aiming for the American flag at the bottom right corner of the basket, as if making some sort of patriotic protest. In other words, he made Dwight Howard (and maybe Shaq himself) look good at the free-throw line.

Comedian Kevin Hart made an appearance of his own in this particular episode for the fast break that wasn't.

During the celebrity game over All-Star weekend, he had an open path to the basket yet lost the handle. He seemed to jump out of his skin as he saw a defender materializing out of the corner of his eye. 

Brandon Knight joined the party, too, for what appeared to be his attempt at blocking Kyrie Irving's shot during the Rising Stars game. To me, it looked more like one of those belly flops you see people do off a diving board, but whatever.

Finally, we had Jeff Teague, who finished the Skills Challenge on an ultimate low.

Tasked with making only a layup before mercifully bringing his unskillfully executed skills heat to an end, he rose up for what appeared to be a dunk. He opted for a finger roll instead, and watched as the ball rolled right off the rim.

But hey, at least he hit the rim.

I'm looking at you, Chris and DeAndre.