WWE Elimination Chamber 2013 Results: What's Set Up for WrestleMania?

Travis Wakeman@@traviswakeman10Featured Columnist IVFebruary 18, 2013

WWE Elimination Chamber 2013 Results: What's Set Up for WrestleMania?

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    With Elimination Chamber behind us, the road to WrestleMania consists of just seven more weeks. In that time, we should see some of the best TV that WWE puts out all year.

    At Elimination Chamber on Sunday night, The Rock overcame everything CM Punk and Paul Heyman could throw at him to retain the WWE title. In the chamber match itself, six men put on one of the best matches within the steel structure in many years.

    While there will be plenty of speculation over the next several weeks about who a certain Superstar will face at WrestleMania 29, there are a few matches we already know about.

    Here is an early preview of the biggest pay-per-view event of the year.

World Title: Jack Swagger vs. Alberto Del Rio

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    Alberto Del Rio was able to make the massive Big Show tap out at Elimination Chamber on Sunday, retaining the World heavyweight title. Now, he must face a much different challenge.

    Jack Swagger has been a new man since returning to WWE, and that was evidenced by his impressive victory in the Elimination Chamber match. With Zeb Colter in his corner, Swagger has the motivation to be the best.

    There are sure to be some edgy, emotional promos between these two men in the weeks to come, and those will garner Swagger a considerable amount of heat. This is a brilliant move on WWE's part, contrary to what some may believe.

    Finally, we will see an important match that isn't a watered-down battle such as we have seen week in and week out on free television.

    Del Rio has never faced Swagger. Combine that with the storyline that will run consisting of Colter and Swagger's version of America, which Del Rio has become very successful within, and you have a great program.

    Cross Armbreaker versus the Patriot Act? Sounds good to me.

WWE Title: John Cena vs. The Rock

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    In a rematch from WrestleMania 28, The Rock and John Cena will square off once more, this time for the WWE title.

    It may not be a popular rematch amongst many fans, but anyone who thought it wasn't going to happen was kidding themselves.

    These two men have been on a collision course ever since The Rock pinned Cena's shoulders to the mat in Miami.

    It's hard to imagine the scenario being much different this year, as Cena will come off sounding desperate for a win while The Rock will carry a ton of confidence having already defeated him.

    Again, the match may not be highly anticipated by several fans, but it is a big-money match for WWE, one that they have to capitalize on.

Excellent Hall of Fame Class

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    The WWE has put together one of the best Hall of Fame classes we have seen this year.

    Having already secured Mick Foley, Bob Backlund and Trish Stratus, the icing on the cake was the announcement that Bruno Sammartino would finally accept the honor.

    Sammartino is easily one of the best Superstars in WWE history, and of all the people who weren't already in, he was arguably the biggest name on the list.

    There will likely be more inductees made into this class, but the WWE has already outdone itself with those they have named so far.

Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H

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    This match has not been officially announced, but you can be pretty sure it's coming. Brock Lesnar coming out and attacking Vince McMahon on Monday Night Raw a couple weeks ago was the precursor to it.

    Lesnar defeated Triple H at SummerSlam in August and hasn't competed since. He posted a video on Tout ,stating that he had accomplished everything he had set out to do in WWE and wouldn't be back.

    Yet, he did come back, putting McMahon down with an F-5 just before he fired Heyman. Not long after that, Lesnar made his presence felt on Miz TV, laying waste to The Miz.

    All of this will lead to Triple H returning to get revenge on the former UFC Heavyweight champion for the loss at SummerSlam, in which he sustained a broken arm, according to the storyline.

    The big question will be which rematch are fans more down on, this one, or Rock-Cena 2?

What Else Could We See?

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    The card for WrestleMania is usually one of the biggest of the year as WWE tries to get as many talents involved as they can. With that said, what are some other matches we might see?

    When Will Dolph Cash In?

    Dolph Ziggler is still in possession of the Money in the Bank briefcase, and fans have been heavily anticipating him choosing his spot to cash it in. Will that come before WrestleMania, or could it come at the event itself?

    The Miz vs. Antonio Cesaro

    The Miz and Cesaro have been going back and forth for the last several weeks over the United States title. At Elimination Chamber, we saw a DQ finish that was questionable at best. This is a strong signal that the feud between the two will continue, and a match at WrestleMania 29 should be considered likely.

    What about CM Punk, Randy Orton, Sheamus and Ryback? 

    Hopefully, WWE gets creative with these four men, as it is imperative that they all have a spot on the card, especially now that it seems none of them will be involved in one of the main events.

    Mark Henry would make an excellent opponent for Ryback. CM Punk could be the man to challenge the undefeated streak of Undertaker. Those are just a couple of options. Only time will tell what role these men will play in this huge event.