Chelsea: Wins, Not Style, Matter Most for Avram Grant

XXX XXXSenior Writer IMarch 30, 2008

Avram Grant has to be given credit for showing stamina in his efforts to convince us that he is about to make flair and style, rather than functionality and effectiveness, the dominant characteristics of Chelsea's football.

His pledge to raise the aesthetics quotient of his teams' play has become a mantra for him and nobody can object to that. However, listening to his latest chanting of the promise, I couldn't help remembering how Chelsea had overcome Arsenal a week ago.

They did it by applying long-ball, "put it into the mix" tactics that would have warmed the heart of Jack Charlton in his Irish years. 

Since the aerial service was aimed at Didier Drogba the most magnificently equipped master of penalty-box distribution in football, the method made sense.

And if pragmatism keeps producing victories as vital as last Sunday's, Mr Grant may be tempted to adhere to it as steadfastly as Jose Mourinho did.

Trophies will take precedence over prettiness.