2013 NBA All-Star Weekend: How to Fix the Slam Dunk Contest

Lucas Parolin@@Lucas_ParolinCorrespondent IFebruary 18, 2013

It's only fact: the Slam Dunk Contest is Boring
It's only fact: the Slam Dunk Contest is BoringRonald Martinez/Getty Images

Remember when the Slam Dunk Contest was the most exciting part of the NBA All-Star Weekend? Neither do we, honestly.

Let's face it, the dunk competition lost its flair a long time ago. True, Gerald Green, Jeremy Evans and the winner Terrence Ross did amaze us with some of their dunks, but it wasn't nearly enough to call it an entertaining event. Even the Three-Point Shootout was more exciting, for crying out loud. 

But not to worry, we have just what it takes to make the high-flying event relevant yet again.

Here is the recipe to fixing the Slam Dunk Contest.  


Only One Redo per Dunk

Nothing is more anticlimactic than watching a guy attempt the same dunk for two minutes. 

Actually, no, there is. That's watching a guy attempt the same dunk for two minutes and fail every single time

The cure for that is so obvious that it's baffling how the NBA hasn't thought of this yet: only allow two attempts per dunk—and that's it.

The quality of the competition would only increase. Players would try out dunks they know they can nail. Plus, the event would go by a lot quicker. Boy, wouldn't that be great?


Props Galore

There is a general feeling that the Slam Dunk Contest just isn't fun anymore because the league is running out of dunks to do. 

Between the legs? Isaiah Rider did it. Dunk from the free-throw line? Please. Little guy can dunk? Seen it. Vince Carter even put his entire arm in the hoop! What else can these athletic freaks do?

We know not many people like the props, but we are taking a stand and asking for more. You want to jump over a car? Please do. Bring flight attendants and build a runway? Go right ahead (just make the dunk on the first try). You have a painting of yourself and you're going to jump over that? Brilliant.


Bring Back the Stars

Show of hands: How many secretly had never heard of Terrence Ross prior to Saturday night?

Whatever happened to the days Michael Jordan and Dominique Wilkins went at it trying to prove who could dunk better? Remember when Kobe won the 1997 Slam Dunk Contest and it was awesome? Do we even need to bring up Vince Carter again?

Obviously, a little star power wouldn't hurt anybody. Most recently, Dwight Howard and Blake Griffin showed that their mere presence makes the contest more fun. LeBron, please, are we asking too much? Can we get Russell Westbrook in on this, too? How about Kyrie Irving? 

Having to watch James White act like a superstar must be what basketball hell looks like.