Ranking the Biggest Head Cases in College Basketball

Doug Brodess@DougbrodessCorrespondent IFebruary 19, 2013

Ranking the Biggest Head Cases in College Basketball

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    College basketball is filled with all kinds of people and personalities.

    As we look across the country, we can find a number of people who keep the game from getting monotonous and uninteresting.

    Here are some of the games biggest head cases.

    In some instances, this means someone who is on the edge of crazy.

    In other instances, this means someone marches to their own drumbeat.

    In all cases, this is not supposed to be an overly serious verdict, but a light-hearted look at some of the players, coaches, announcers and even fans that make college basketball great!!!

10. Dick Vitale

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    Dickie V. is one of the most unique of all college basketball analysts.

    He has an intense and genuine love for the game, but there are times when Vitale's penchant for drama borders on insanity.

    I wasn't sure whether or not Vitale was having a mental meltdown when he was announcing the Duke vs. Miami game earlier this season. 

9. The Dancing Coaches

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    As you can see in this video, some of the best coaches in college basketball have other skills besides drawing up X's and O's.

    Even a coach as mild-mannered and under control as Brad Stevens has his moments (0:07).

8. Cameron Crazy "Speedo Guy"

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    While this guy only made one infamous appearance, if you are speaking of college basketball head cases, how can you not pay homage to one of the most crazed Cameron Crazies of all time?

    Not disappointed that some things only happen once.

7. Tim Floyd (UTEP)

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    UTEP basketball coach Tim Floyd has always been thought of as being intense.

    But, there are times when intense turns into insane.

    I'm not quite sure if calling in the local police was necessary, but if Floyd kept his antics up, we could've seen a real-life tazing.

6. Frank Martin (South Carolina)

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    Some things don't change.

    When Frank Martin left Kansas State, he didn't turn into a kinder and gentler coach.

    He is still every bit as intense, every bit as vocal and every bit as terrifying in South Carolina.

5. Russ Smith (Louisville)

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    I guarantee that Russ Smith helps balance Louisville's head coach Rick Pitino intensity. 

    In fact, Smith may not be an actual "head case," but he is no doubt a free spirit that helps find the humor in just about any moment around the Cardinals hoops program.

    "Russdiculous" is not just the name of one of Pitino's horses.

4. Fran McCaffery (Iowa)

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    Fran McCaffery isn't always a lunatic, but, evidently everybody has their breaking point.

    Jeff Eisenberg of Yahoo! Sports

    Someday Fran McCaffery would love to emulate the success Bob Knight had in the Big Ten. For now, the second-year Iowa coach will have to settle for an imitation of one of Knight's most infamous tirades...An irate McCaffery berated the referees at mid-court during a timeout before returning to his bench, screaming at his players and hurling an unsuspecting folding chair to the ground to grab their attention.

    Some people would say that McCaffery was just showing his passion for the game.

    Not sure that beating up courtside furniture during a break in the action is the most productive method of demonstrating enthusiasm.

3. Utah State's Wild Bill

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    You can have an arena full of people screaming their lungs out.

    It still doesn't quite have the same distracting impact as a large, shirtless man who is playing the role of Cupid, Peter Pan or any of a number of other characters.

    I guess you have to do something to keep it interesting in Logan, Utah.

2. Marshall Henderson (Ole Miss)

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    Ole Miss’ guard Marshall Henderson is an unconventional maverick. Sometimes his on-court hijinks get more attention than his skilled performance in the Rebels backcourt.

    Jason Lisk of thebiglead.com says this about the 6'2" junior guard who leads the SEC in scoring with 19.7 PPG:

    Marshall Henderson is wacky and a bit off. He’s also managing to make 35% of his threes, which is pretty much major conference average shooting. We’ve already seen the Ole Miss guard taunt fans at Auburn, throw ice into the student section, and generally be very noticeable.

    Watch the above-mentioned taunting after he hit the game-winning free throws to beat the Tigers.

1. Kansas Jayhawks: The Anti-Headcases?

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    In the middle of a stressful college basketball season, you can either snap or...shake!

    Props to Bill Self for playing along.