NBA's Top Plays and Sickest Dunks from Week of Feb. 11

Rob GoldbergFeatured ColumnistFebruary 18, 2013

NBA's Top Plays and Sickest Dunks from Week of Feb. 11

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    If you want to see the best athletes in the world do some incredible things, look no further than NBA All-Star Weekend.

    The league's best and brightest are on display, and they do their best to show a national audience exactly what they can do.

    Not all the plays are from the weekend, but it is difficult to top what was done during the slam dunk contest and other events.

    Here are the Top 10 plays in the NBA from the week of Feb. 11.

10. Gerald Green

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    Gerald Green came into the NBA Slam Dunk Contest as the favorite. 

    He not only jumps higher than his competition, but he has shown the creativity in the past to make things really exciting.

    After this first-round dunk, fans were eagerly waiting to see what Green could do in the rest of the event. Unfortunately, he was unable to get down his second dunk, and he ended up missing the finals.

    While Terrence Ross deserved his victory, a final with Green in it could have been spectacular. 

9. JaVale McGee

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    It might be easy to forget, but there were actual NBA games this week before All-Star weekend.

    Of course, the Denver Nuggets might want to forget this fact, as they lost all three games to end the first half of the year.

    The only highlight that they can be proud of is this 3/4 court alley-oop from Andre Miller to JaVale McGee in the Feb. 13 loss to the Brooklyn Nets.

    Chris Paul gets more publicity, but few players in the league throw a better lob than Miller, and this pass exemplifies that perfectly.

8. Usain Bolt

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    Usain Bolt becomes the only non-NBA player to be on this list.

    The celebrity All-Star game is usually a time to make fun of how unathletic our favorite actors and musical artists are, despite how they think they could be professionals.

    That was not the case with Usain Bolt, who threw down this two-handed slam on a fast break.

    Bolt is obviously an incredible athlete, but this game leads fans to imagine what else the World's Fastest Man can do. I personally would not mind seeing him line up at wide receiver in the NFL one day.

7. Jeremy Evans

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    Jeremy Evans was unable to defend his title at the NBA Slam Dunk Contest, but he gave a valiant effort.

    None of his dunks were better than this windmill where he jumped over an object that turned out to be a painting of himself.

    The unveiling of the portrait, followed by him signing it, gave it the showmanship that we have come to expect in the dunk contest.

    This event is about originality, and Evans provided it on this dunk.

6. Kenneth Faried

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    Kenneth Faried had a pretty good weekend. He was the Rising Stars Game MVP after posting 40 points on Friday night.

    On Saturday, he participated in the dunk contest and had this fantastic play.

    While he did not advance to the semifinals, Faried certainly showed off his skills to a new audience that might not have seen him play before.

    Even if the second-year player out of Morehead State never returns to the dunk contest, he will have plenty of big plays for the Denver Nuggets in the future.

5. Jrue Holiday

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    The NBA All-Star game is full of plenty of dunks and alley-oops from the biggest stars in the league, but few are all that impressive with little defense.

    However, this slam by Jrue Holiday was certainly the exception.

    In the second quarter, the Philadelphia 76ers star drove to the basket and threw it down with his left hand, much to the surprise of most watching the game.

    During a game where huge plays seem ordinary, Holiday provided some excitement with this monster dunk. 

4. DeMar DeRozan

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    Poor Timofey Mozgov. All he tries to do is provide some help defense, and once again, he ends up on the bottom of a poster.

    In the Feb. 12 game against the Denver Nuggets, DeMar DeRozan of the Toronto Raptors went hard to the hole and slammed right over Mozgov on a powerful dunk.

    While it was not as bad as this dunk by Blake Griffin over Mozgov, it was still a big one.

    In a week full of big dunks, this in-game performance by DeRozan was impressive. 

3. Kobe Bryant

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    It is not always offense that makes a Top 10 list.

    In this case, Kobe Bryant helped secure a victory for the Western Conference All-Stars with great defense on LeBron James.

    The Black Mamba was able to block James twice in the fourth quarter, showcasing some solid effort that is not often seen in this type of exhibition.

    Bryant's Los Angeles Lakers might be struggling this season, but he is not ready to pass the torch to James just yet.

2. Kyrie Irving

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    Few people had a busier weekend than Kyrie Irving.

    Last season's Rookie of the Year scored 32 points in the Rising Stars Challenge on Friday, won the three-point contest on Saturday and participated in the All-Star Game on Sunday.

    However, his performance can be boiled down to one play.

    In the Rising Stars Game, Brandon Knight did his best to guard the skilled point guard. He failed.

    A great crossover and step-back jump shot caused the defender to literally fall over.

    The future sure is bright for Irving.

1. Terrence Ross

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    Terrence Ross was a bit of an underdog to come out of the Eastern Conference side of the NBA Dunk Contest with both Gerald Green and James "Flight" White on his side.

    However, he did enough to reach the finals and then won over the fans with this tribute to Vince Carter with his first dunk.

    You can see all of his slams from the event here, but the off-the-backboard dunk was likely his best of the night.

    In a showcase of missed attempts from almost every competitor, Ross saved the day and deservedly took home the title as winner of the 2013 NBA Slam Dunk Contest.