Projected Landing Spots for 9 Big-Name Free Agents Cut so Far This Offseason

Matt Stein@MatthewJSteinCorrespondent IIFebruary 20, 2013

Projected Landing Spots for 9 Big-Name Free Agents Cut so Far This Offseason

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    The 2013 NFL offseason is still rather young, but we are already seeing teams cut some big names. Some of these roster cuts were hinted at during the season, but others were a complete surprise.

    While not all of the following players will be full-time starters when signed, they all should be able to have some type of impact. Charles Woodson, Bart Scott and Ahmad Bradshaw will likely make a big impact whenever they are signed.

    Here are my projected landing spots for the following nine big-name free agents who have been cut this offseason.

Ahmad Bradshaw, Running Back

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    Projected Landing Spot: Green Bay Packers

    The biggest question with Ahmad Bradshaw is always going to be his health. He hasn't played a full season the past two years, missing a combined six games in those seasons.

    However, when Bradshaw is healthy, he has the ability to be a very productive running back. He's had six or more touchdowns in the past four seasons and has rushed for at least 1,000 yards in two of the past three seasons.

    While Bradshaw will need to prove he's healthy, a perfect landing spot for him would be with the Packers. He'd give them a reliable running back who can take some pressure off Aaron Rodgers

Brandon Jacobs, Running Back

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    Projected Landing Spot: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    It wasn't an ideal season for Brandon Jacobs in his first year with the San Francisco 49ers. He only appeared in two games before getting cut in late December. 

    While Jacobs will be 31 years old when the 2013 regular season starts, he still could provide value to a team. His big body and bruising style are ideal in the red zone and in short-yardage situations.

    Even though Tampa Bay has a stud running back in Doug Martin, the team could still use some depth with a player like Jacobs. He'd play the role that many expected LeGarrette Blount to play this past season for the Buccaneers.

    It's certainly possible that Jacobs will have trouble finding a home, but the Bucs are one of many teams in need of running back depth that could come calling.

Titus Young, Wide Receiver

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    Projected Landing Spot: New England Patriots

    If there is any team and any coach that could get something out of Titus Young, it is New England and Bill Belichick.

    Young has had quite the offseason, and I don't mean that in a good way. He talked his way off the Detroit Lions before getting picked up by the St. Louis Rams, but that relationship only lasted 10 days before Young was released again.

    Considering how badly the Rams need playmakers on offense, him getting cut isn't a good sign. However, Young is an extremely talented receiver when he's actually on the field, and his youth (he's only 23 years old) makes him an intriguing player.

    Look for New England to do what it does best and make lemonade out of a real lemon.

Steve Breaston, Wide Receiver

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    Projected Landing Spot: Minnesota Vikings

    When Steve Breaston first signed with the Kansas City Chiefs, many expected him to do big things. Unfortunately, Breaston has struggled mightily the past two seasons.

    It doesn't help when there's an untalented quarterback throwing the ball, but Breaston has shown the ability to be a solid No. 2 receiver in the right system. 

    There are a handful of teams that need major help at wide receiver, and the Vikings are near the top of the list. While they could wait to see if other big-name free agents don't get re-signed like Greg Jennings, Dwayne Bowe or Wes Welker, Breaston is an interesting option.

    He'd certainly be cheaper than Jennings, Bowe and Welker, and he could provide solid production for a run-first team like Minnesota.

Chris Canty, Defensive Tackle

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    Projected Landing Spot: Carolina Panthers

    Injuries derailed any type of success for Chris Canty in the 2012 season. He started the season on the physically unable to perform list, and it ended with a sprained MCL against the Baltimore Ravens.

    Canty is going to need to prove he's healthy before any teams take a look at him. As long as he stays in good health, he shouldn't have too much trouble finding a team. 

    He's a player who can get pressure on the quarterback and eat up blockers in the run game. With the Panthers needing help all over their defensive line, Canty appears to be the perfect fit.

    The fact that he'd be willing to take a hometown discount to play for Carolina would be an added bonus.

Nick Barnett, Linebacker

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    Projected Landing Spot: New York Giants

    When Nick Barnett left the Green Bay Packers, many were worried about his struggles with injuries. However, he hasn't missed a game in the past two seasons for the Buffalo Bills.

    The main reason the Bills cut Barnett was money, as they'll end up saving just over $3 million for the 2013 season. It wasn't that Barnett wasn't a good player for them, because he really was.

    In fact, Barnett was considered a top-10 4-3 outside linebacker by Pro Football Focus (subscription required) in 2012. His ability to play in either a 3-4 or 4-3 defense should help him find a job rather quickly.

    A team that could take a long look at Barnett is the Giants. Both Chase Blackburn and Keith Rivers are free agents, and Barnett would be an instant upgrade over either player.

Bart Scott, Linebacker

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    Projected Landing Spot: Kansas City Chiefs

    Bart Scott getting cut by the New York Jets didn't catch anyone off guard. He simply hadn't lived up to expectations for the Jets in his four seasons with the team.

    The Jets never used Scott to the best of his abilities, but a team like Kansas City would be an ideal landing spot. 

    Scott would be surrounded by top talent in Justin Houston, Derrick Johnson and Tamba Hali. His veteran leadership could also really help the Chiefs defense, which struggled to stop anyone last season.

    Scott's age (he'll be 33 years old in August) is a little worrisome, but a change of scenery could be all he needs to get back on track.

Charles Woodson, Cornerback/Safety

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    Projected Landing Spot: Washington Redskins

    When the Green Bay Packers cut Charles Woodson, it was certainly a surprising move. He's been one of the best defensive players in the league since coming to Green Bay in 2006.

    However, Woodson missed nine games last year for the Packers, and the team is looking to get younger on defense. That doesn't mean that Woodson can't still be an effective player for a team, because he certainly can.

    Few players in the secondary are as physical as Woodson. He always seems to be around the football and excels at forcing turnovers.

    The Redskins don't have much talent in their secondary, and a player like Woodson could step in from Day 1 and be one of their best defensive players.

George Wilson, Safety

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    Projected Landing Spot: Detroit Lions

    George Wilson and Jairus Byrd made up one of the most successful safety duos in the league in 2012 for the Buffalo Bills.

    Wilson ranked as the eighth-best safety, according to Pro Football Focus (subscription required). While he is 31 years old, he has plenty left in the tank.

    The Detroit Lions need help in their secondary and would love to get a player like Wilson. He'd instantly improve their pass defense, but also has the ability to make plays against the run.

    Look for Detroit to make a hard play to bring in Wilson this offseason.