How Are NFL Stars Spending Their Offseasons?

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How Are NFL Stars Spending Their Offseasons?

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    The 2013 NFL offseason provides quite a long layoff for many of the more notable NFL stars after a long and draining season. While Rob Gronkowski and Tony Romo have continued their trend of typically being in the spotlight, other athletes find ways to spend their time in some capacities.

    In many cases, players spend their offseasons away from a practice field, though that can't be said for every player.

    Here is a look at how some of the biggest names in the NFL have spent their offseasons.

5. Eli and Peyton Manning

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    Eli and Peyton Manning have both accomplished plenty in their careers. As two successful quarterbacks who have both won Super Bowls, throughout their careers they have always handled themselves with such decorum.

    They also have enjoyed themselves in the entertainment business, which includes their fair share of commercials. During the Super Bowl festivities, both brothers were present during the awards ceremony that honored the game's best players.

    However, they were also represented during the annual beach ball contest that featured plenty of celebrities during Super Bowl week. Regardless, the NFL has to enjoy that two of the more respected players in the business conduct themselves with class whenever they are in the public spotlight.

4. Joe Flacco

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    Joe Flacco has accomplished quite a lot in his career, but the past month has created plenty of positive attention for the Ravens quarterback.

    After a stellar performance in the playoffs, and a Super Bowl MVP to cap it off, he took a trip to Disney World where he received plenty of praise from the fans for his performance. Flacco also found himself as a guest on The Late Show with David Letterman. The typically calm and collective quarterback did show a bit of personality; he discussed his contract and jokingly talked about his teammate Ray Lewis.

    For a guy who hasn't always received credit for his team's success, Flacco is receiving the spotlight and is taking advantage of the opportunities that come along with it.

3. Tom Brady

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    One can't be surprised by the above picture. Tom Brady is one of the greater quarterbacks to ever play this game due to his work ethic.

    It would be easy to believe that Brady could use his offseason to enjoy time with his family and star in some reality shows or something of that nature. However, after another bitter loss in the postseason, Brady looks to change that trend right away.

    A way he accomplishes that is by working with teammates. Last year, he dedicated time to working with Wes Welker. This year, tight end Aaron Hernandez has apparently rented a house in California so he can work with Brady.

    The motto "hard work pays off" could never be more true in this case for one of the all-time greats.

2. Tony Romo

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    Tony Romo receives plenty of attention for playing on "America's Team." He received the praise from the media early on in the season, but another collapse late in the season has led to more negativity.

    Fortunately for Romo, he's spending his offseason by playing other sports and continuing to stay in shape. Most recently, Romo played in the AT&T Pro-Am Golf Tournament, which does not come as a surprise. He has typically found success playing in those events, especially considering golf isn't his first sport.

    Certainly, Romo enjoys the opportunity to relax and compete in a sport at Pebble Beach.

1. Rob Gronkowski

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    This hasn't been the first time that Rob Gronkowski has enjoyed his offseason, and it doesn't appear it will be his last.

    Gronkowski was reportedly seen earlier this month partying in a similar fashion to last year after the Patriots' loss to the Giants in the Super Bowl.

    There has been clear outrage over the situation, as people (and rightfully so) are questioning the way he is spending his time, especially after breaking his forearm in the postseason. With this event spiraling on the Internet, Gronkowski thought it might be alright to address the scrutiny with the above picture.

    Ultimately, there are critics about how he spends his time, but as long as he can prove that can be healthy and effective, it won't make a difference in the end.