Bleacher Report: Please Can You...

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Bleacher Report: Please Can You...

Dear All in Command of the Great Ship that is Bleacher Report,

Can you please consider the following, instead of having an EPL section, can we have a football/soccer section under a different banner?

Many articles are written about different leagues in football/soccer such as La Liga in Spain and Serie A in Italy plus those in many other countries like Scotland, Argentina, Brazil, and Germany, etc .as well as international football. 

I know there are the drop down menus in EPL section, however it would be a great thing to click on a football/soccer link, and it not just be concentrated on the EPL and solely with the EPL name.

Just a thought but it be much welcome in the future, even if you had to abbreviate it to SOC, I wouldn't even mind calling it soccer honest I wouldn't.

Big thanks for the greatest of sites.

Yours in hope,


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Serie A

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