Bleacher Report: Please Can You...

XXX XXXSenior Writer IMarch 30, 2008

Dear All in Command of the Great Ship that is Bleacher Report,

Can you please consider the following, instead of having an EPL section, can we have a football/soccer section under a different banner?

Many articles are written about different leagues in football/soccer such as La Liga in Spain and Serie A in Italy plus those in many other countries like Scotland, Argentina, Brazil, and Germany, etc .as well as international football. 

I know there are the drop down menus in EPL section, however it would be a great thing to click on a football/soccer link, and it not just be concentrated on the EPL and solely with the EPL name.

Just a thought but it be much welcome in the future, even if you had to abbreviate it to SOC, I wouldn't even mind calling it soccer honest I wouldn't.

Big thanks for the greatest of sites.

Yours in hope,