Los Angeles Really Dominating NBA All-Star Game

James RiggioContributor IFebruary 18, 2013

Los Angeles Really Dominating NBA All-Star Game

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    Many outsiders who are watching the NBA All-Star Game are seeing Los Angeles play a key role.

    What some may not know, however, is that the Los Angeles presence in the game goes far beyond the Lakers' Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard and the Clippers' Chris Paul and Blake Griffin. 

    There are five more All Stars who played high school basketball in the Los Angeles area and a sixth who went to high school in Central California, but spent part of his childhood in the Los Angeles area.

    One should also consider that veteran Boston Celtics star Paul Pierce wasn't an All-Star selection, but is certainly one who deserved serious consideration.

    Now for the rest of the the Los Angeles players. 

Tyson Chandler

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    The New York Knicks' center played his high school basketball at Dominguez High in Compton. Chandler has made progress throughout his NBA career and has turned into an excellent defensive player.

    He had drawn comparisons to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar early in his high school career. While he is no Abdul-Jabbar, he is still one of the best centers in the NBA.

Paul George

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    George was relatively unknown in high school, playing for Knight High in Palmdale. Knight is a relatively new school, having opened its doors in 2003. 

    The 6'8" swingman went to Fresno State University and was the Pacers' first-round pick in 2010. 

    Indiana fans will be happy if George turns out to be like another Los Angeles-area product the club once drafted in the first round in Reggie Miller. 

James Harden

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    Harden is another product out of Artesia High in Lakewood. 

    Artesia has produced a number of NBA players including Tom Tolbert, Ed and Charles O'Bannon and Jason Kapono.

    While the O'Bannon brothers and Kapono were known as stars in college at UCLA, Harden has had the most success in the NBA.

    He figures to continue to impress with the Houston Rockets for many years to come. 

Jrue Holiday

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    Jrue Holiday played high school ball at Campbell Hall, an elite private school in North Hollywood. His mother is a teacher at the school. Jrue spent just one year in college nearby at UCLA before moving on to the NBA with the Philadelphia 76ers.

    Holiday comes from an athletic family, as his older brother Justin played basketball at the University of Washington while his younger sister Lauren currently plays at UCLA.

    Younger brother Aaron is one of the best high school sophomores in the nation. 

Brook Lopez

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    Lopez was born in Los Angeles and lived in the area until second grade, when his family moved to Washington where his older brother Alex was playing in college. Alex Lopez played high school basketball at Campbell Hall, the same school as Jrue Holiday.

    Brook and twin brother Robin ended up playing high school ball at Fresno's San Joaquin Memorial High in Central California. 

    Brook Lopez has become an elite center in the Eastern Conference for the Brooklyn Nets.

Russell Westbrook

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    Westbrook is arguably the most interesting story in the NBA.

    The Oklahoma City star grew up in an area near many elite high school basketball programs, but he played at Leuzinger High in Lawndale, a public school not known for producing many stars.

    He didn't make the varsity team until his junior year and was lightly recruited as a college player. 

    He ended up at UCLA as a late signee after Jordan Farmar left early for the NBA. 

    Westbrook is now arguably the best player that wasn't among the 10 starters.