WWE Elimination Chamber 2013 Predictions: Superstars Who Will Get Major Boost

Joseph ZuckerFeatured ColumnistFebruary 17, 2013

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

While WWE Elimination Chamber 2013 might not be the biggest pay-per-view of the year, there's plenty of opportunity for Superstars who can make a breakthrough.

With the Elimination Chamber match, you have at least four guys—Kane and Daniel Bryan are excluded—who could end up looking like major threats for the World Heavyweight title. It doesn't even matter who the actual winner is.

Somebody like Mark Henry can make a couple of key eliminations before getting rolled up and beaten in a surprising fashion. Then, Henry is right back in the title picture after WrestleMania 29.

Henry isn't the only one who can benefit in a big way from Elimination Chamber. The Superstars below will also take a big step in the right direction.


Jack Swagger

It feels weird to write this, but Jack Swagger looks like he could deserve a main-event push again. He's looked very strong since making his rather subdued return earlier in the month. His biggest weakness—speaking—looks to be covered by his manager, Zeb Colter.

Swagger's character as a xenophobic nut job is very timely and one that should garner a ton of heat with the crowd.

He was a bit of a joke when he took his break from WWE back in the summer. Now he's definitely on the path back to possibly winning another world title. It's too soon for Swagger to get a title shot now, but a strong performance in the Elimination Chamber would go a long way in establishing him as a top contender again.


Antonio Cesaro

Antonio Cesaro is one of the best things on Raw each and every week. The way he swung The Miz against the barricade last Monday was one of the greatest things to ever happen in the history of the show. The Miz has been almost physically painful to watch since his face turn. Seeing him get pummeled by Cesaro was so incredibly satisfying.

There doesn't look to be any reason Cesaro should drop the United States Championship. He has all the momentum in his feud with The Miz, and it doesn't make sense to have him lose the title before WrestleMania 29.

Cesaro should be on the fast track for the main event. He just needs to polish his mic work and he'll be be ready to become a top star in the company.


The Shield

It's about time The Shield actually wrestled in another match. Its last one, at TLC 2012, was among the best matches of the year. The Shield has the performers to be able to put on a great spectacle. Plus, fans will get to see the group expand on its game plan of pummel, powerbomb and leave.

In order for The Shield to maintain its current level of heat, the fans need to see what the group can do in the ring. Otherwise, everything The Shield does just gets incredibly repetitive and people lose interest.

Going up against John Cena, Sheamus and Ryback is a recipe for disaster, but that doesn't mean The Shield can't get a bit of a rub. Looking like a serious threat to that trio would continue to build The Shield as a top-level heel group.