MLB Teams That Should Use Spring Training Uniforms During the Regular Season

Robert Knapel@@RobertKnapel_BRCorrespondent IFebruary 21, 2013

MLB Teams That Should Use Spring Training Uniforms During the Regular Season

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    MLB teams get to test out a lot of new things during spring training. It is their first chance to see the players that they signed and traded for play in their uniform. They also give a number of prospects a chance to prove what they can do right alongside the big league talent.

    And teams wear different uniform combinations than they do during the regular season. For some teams, these uniforms look better than the ones that they wear for 162 games a year.

New York Mets

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    There is really not much to complain about on the New York Mets' current uniforms. The team has stuck with a similar look for a long time.

    However, the blue and orange on their spring training uniforms looks fantastic. In fact, the team will be wearing something very similar to it this season. What makes the spring training ones better is the fact that they have Mr. Met on the cap.

Colorado Rockies

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    While the Colorado Rockies' spring training uniforms are nothing special, they are still more interesting than the jerseys that the team wears for Opening Day and beyond.

    Paul Lukas of ESPN rated the Rockies as having the 27th ugliest uniforms in baseball. It is hard to get much worse than that.

Milwaukee Brewers

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    There have been a number of outstanding logos in baseball history, and there are a few that really stand out for the Milwaukee Brewers. One of those is the glove made out of an "M" and "B".

    Milwaukee will be wearing these caps with their alternative uniforms during spring training, and the team should do the same during the year.

Cincinnati Reds

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    The Cincinnati Reds are yet another team that would be well served by using its spring training caps during the regular season.

    While the team's spring training uniforms are a bit boring, the cap really pops. The use of the Mr. Redlegs' logo looks fantastic.

Oakland Athletics

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    While it may be tough to make out from the picture, the Oakland Athletics' spring training caps feature a white elephant. The logo has been a part of the team's history for years.

    It has appeared on the Athletics' uniforms before, but wearing this cap would be a great tribute to the team's earlier years. Also, the thing looks pretty solid.