NBA All-Star Game 2013: Kevin Durant Will Propel West to Third-Straight Win

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NBA All-Star Game 2013: Kevin Durant Will Propel West to Third-Straight Win
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Predicting a huge performance by Kevin Durant at the 2013 NBA All-Star Game isn’t exactly a groundbreaking idea.

But picking the West to win its third-straight over a new-look Eastern Conference team might be.

It’s no secret that the defending All-Star Game MVP excels in games dominated by flash and offensive skills.

Fast breaks and spotting up from way downtown behind the three-point line are patents of Durant’s exceedingly dominant skill set.

Last year he achieved god-like status during his first visit to Rucker Park, a Harlem-based street-ball hub for some of the best in the game to display their skills. He dropped 66 points—the third most points ever scored on the court.

He finished things up by draining four consecutive three-pointers to cap off that incredible performance.

The players he was up against certainly weren’t NBA All-Stars, but his dominance and ability to do that just goes to show you what he’s capable of with an uncontested or slightly contested goal in front of him.

Last year he proved without a doubt what he could do, earning MVP honors at the All-Star game for the first time. He dropped a game-high 36 points (tied with LeBron James) to earn himself that award and the West’s second consecutive victory.

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His performance also ended up helping his team out in the end, too, as the Oklahoma City Thunder utilized the resulting home-court advantage in the NBA Finals—to no avail.

A plethora of the biggest stars in the game are about to descend upon Houston, but none of them are built like Durant to completely dominate and dictate the outcome of a game from the offensive end of the court.

That’s what these games all turn into, too. It will be a scoring fest that is won in transition and from beyond the arc, with little defense standing in the way of these big stars.

When scoring is all that matters, KD becomes “King.”

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