7 Reasons Daniel Bryan and Chris Jericho Should Feud

Sebastian Maldonado@https://twitter.com/#!/SebastianTSUFeatured ColumnistFebruary 21, 2013

7 Reasons Daniel Bryan and Chris Jericho Should Feud

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    The February 11 edition of WWE Raw saw a great match between Daniel Bryan and Chris Jericho—a match that reminded fans that the two wrestlers should feud.

    Jericho returned at the Royal Rumble. He hasn’t lost a step, and he put on quality matches with Bryan and CM Punk in back-to-back weeks.

    Daniel Bryan, one half of the tag team champions, has put on a comedic act with Kane since September. He still puts on quality matches with other wrestlers, whether the matches are one-on-one or tag matches.

    These two workers excel in every facet of the WWE. They can put on great promos and keep the crowd invested in their matches. It's a no-brainer that these two should engage in a feud.

    It’s not just their charisma and wrestling skills that would make the feud strong. They have history with each other, their styles are similar, their bodies of work speak for themselves and they appeal to the adult demographic of the WWE.

    Here are seven reasons why Daniel Bryan and Chris Jericho should feud.

7. Charisma

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    Bryan and Jericho are two of the most charismatic superstars today.

    No one should question either man’s skills on the microphone. They’ve done wonders as both babyfaces and heels.

    Jericho excelled in his Y2J gimmick and still brings it. His persona fits perfectly. Bryan may rely on the “YES” and “NO” catchphrases, but he can still deliver some of the best promos in the WWE today.

    They have also gotten the crowd invested in their heel personas. Jericho’s heel turn on Shawn Michaels five years ago made him a superb heel. Bryan’s corrupt slow turn during his run as the World champion made fans want to hate him, too.

    Both are faces, but it doesn’t matter which turns heel. The fans will be entertained either way.

6. History

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    Back when the WWE’s NXT program was for a WWE contract, the show provided some interesting stories. One of them, in the first series, was short-lived.

    In the inaugural episode, Daniel Bryan took on Chris Jericho. It was a physical contest and Jericho emerged victorious, but it was also a sign of things to come from Bryan in the WWE.

    Their contest last week reignited their brief, competitive rivalry. Jericho was victorious again, but the outcome was a lot closer than in their first match.

    They also started the Elimination Chamber match. Both worked well against each other and once again showed their great chemistry.

5. Wrestling Styles

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    The superstars have similar wrestling styles. They can dictate the pace and/or make that babyface comeback.

    Both can wrestle using many forms and at different speeds. The only difference is in their backgrounds.

    Bryan has a plethora of submission moves other than his “No Lock.” He also uses kicks to wear down his opponents. Jericho primarily uses his “Walls of Jericho” but also employs some high-flying maneuvers. He uses backhanded chops to wear his enemies down.

    Styles make fights. These two are no exception to the rule. 

4. Body of Work

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    Both superstars have put together great bodies of work.

    Both Jericho and Bryan have wrestled around the world and wrestled for many companies before their time in the WWE.

    Jericho came from ECW and WCW before his first WWE run in 1999. Bryan came to the WWE after his successful run at Ring of Honor.

    Their accomplishments all over the world and in the WWE speak for themselves. Both are former World champions. Both superstars have main evented and thrived under the spotlight.

    Jericho and Bryan also have great matches. Jericho has had classic encounters with The Rock, Shawn Michaels, Dolph Ziggler and CM Punk. Bryan was in arguably the best matches of 2012 with Punk and Sheamus. He also had a great TV contest with Ziggler last year.

    They are capable of putting on a great feud with great matches.

3. Story Mode

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    What would the story be for Y2J and Bryan?

    It could be a similar tale to Jericho and Punk’s rivalry. It wouldn’t be a struggle for the title of “Best in the World”—it would be a dispute over who is the better man.

    Bryan can use his losses to Jericho to fuel his competitive fire, which would probably mean a heel turn for him. Either would work, though.

    They have the skills to bring a lengthy feud to the table, barring Jericho’s contract status. Not much has to be planned with these two workhorses. 

2. Fan Investment

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    The fans can and will get invested if these two are put into a program.

    Fans love both men right now. "Y2J" chants always get going at arenas. The same goes for the "YES" chants for Bryan.

    The two wrestlers are huge favorites, not only among WWE devotees, but also among wrestling fans in general. These two can bring all types of fans to their matches and get them invested.

    They both suck in the crowd with their personalities. Bryan chants “NO” while the crowd counters with “YES.” Jericho interacts colorfully with his opponents, talking trash while beating them down. This arrogance is a quality that fans love.

    Their matches together would blow the roof off. 

1. Jericho Can Put Bryan Over

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    One reason Jericho has been brought back is to aid others in getting over. He did that for Dolph Ziggler and CM Punk. Now it’s Daniel Bryan’s turn.

    The best thing about Jericho is his ability to make others better. He rarely has a bad match. He’s almost perfect when he works with someone of the same caliber.

    Daniel Bryan is that same caliber of wrestler. Every one of his matches is technically sound, and he always brings a high level of intensity.

    All Bryan needs is to beat a living legend. Enter Chris Jericho.

    Daniel Bryan is already a WWE superstar, but in a feud with Chris Jericho, he could further elevate his status among his fellow WWE stars.