CM Punk: How the Former WWE Champion Is Still the True Star of WWE Raw

Sebastian MaldonadoFeatured ColumnistFebruary 19, 2013

photo by mattbrink via
photo by mattbrink via

CM Punk is still the true star of WWE Raw.

Sometimes a star is a man that consistently brings his all in his performance. Sometimes a star is someone that has the show revolve around them. Despite the headlining presence of The Rock and John Cena, CM Punk is still WWE Raw’s star.

Though the former WWE Champion wasn’t always the focal point of Raw, the first half of 2012 saw Punk relegated to secondary status. In addition, July saw a shift in focus for WWE’s flagship show and champion.

Punk’s storyline with Bryan and A.J. started having Punk on Raw’s last segments. It only increased when Punk turned heel on The Rock. Punk’s dominance emerged again in July, showing signs of things to come.

Punk thrives starting and closing Raw. It took three legends to help solidify Punk’s heel turn in Jerry Lawler, Mick Foley and Bret Hart. Punk beating Lawler after their steel cage match focused on the champion’s rise of evil. His confrontations with Foley and Hart increased Punk’s heel momentum.

Punk needed one more thing to really become Raw’s star, namely Paul Heyman.

These two men don’t need each other but desired to work together. Punk doesn’t need a manager to make his points. He already does that effectively. Heyman only makes Punk’s persona better, different from Heyman, as he usually becomes the mouth of his wrestlers. He stood there behind Punk, holding the WWE Title like a corner man for a prized fight.

Those little things paid huge dividends for Punk. It only made his persona and star power bigger. His feuds with Cena and Ryback closed each Raw. Punk started Raw without the WWE Title in his possession and still made huge strides.  The WWE Title was made important again because CM Punk became bigger than the title.

His 434-day reign resonated and earned him a spot amongst the headliners of Raw. His current feuds with Rock and Cena dominate the important segments. His matches are compelling and craft amazing stories in the ring.

Every show needs a bad guy. Rock and Cena need a heel that can draw heat and make them better. CM Punk is that man, which makes him the star power of WWE Raw.