Tony Romo in Contention at Azalea Invitational

Jeff Prince Correspondent IMarch 30, 2008

In case you've forgotten, Romo not only quarterbacks America's team and dates one of America's hottest blonde bombshells, but he can also tear it up on the golf course as well. 

This weekend, Dallas Cowboys' quarterback Tony Romo is playing in the Azalea Invitational. The Azalea is an amateur golf tournament played in Charleston, S.C.

Romo's first round score was a 73, placing him close to the top of the leader-board, and getting national exposure.

His second round didn't go so swift, walking off the the final hole with a score of 80. 

Yet, very Romo-esk, he came back firing to bring himself back into contention by scoring a staggering 69 in the third round of play.

Romo is now tied for 14th with five other players, 11 shots behind the leader but only 6 shots from second place. 

It's pretty safe to say Romo won't win this tournament, as it seems Zach Sucher has this tourney in the bag, but for Romo to come in the top 10, or even top 5 would be extremely impressive.

Let's see if Romo can bring his golf game from behind to excel like he's done for the Dallas Cowboys so many times before.