WWE WrestleMania Rematches: Taking the Good Ones with the Bad Ones

Tyson Jones@@TigerKingTJSenior Analyst IIIFebruary 16, 2013

Photo Courtesy of www.asportnews.com
Photo Courtesy of www.asportnews.com

The past few months have seen the WWE get a lot of flack from internet fans about the matches for WrestleMania, particularly in response to two rematches: Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H and John Cena vs. The Rock, which will likely be the WWE Championship matchup.

While these matches aren't officially in the books, they're viewed as the inevitable, if rocky path the WWE is taking. Fans are citing issues such as the tagline for the initial Rock/Cena match, "Once in a Lifetime," as well as an outright disdain for the Brock/HHH match, simply because of its lack of success the first time around.

Of course, along with the rumblings about these matches, there are other hyped events fans are clamoring for as "exciting," matches we must see at Mania, like Dolph Ziggler vs. Chris Jericho for The World Heavyweight Championship and CM Punk vs. The Undertaker.

The irony in Jericho vs. Ziggler is that we actually got this feud in less time than we had with Rock vs. Cena, as their last match happened the night following SummerSlam, a PPV that they opened which, coincidentally, was followed later that night by "The Perfect Storm" HHH vs. Brock Lesnar.

As for the rumored encounter between CM Punk and The Undertaker, I'll admit it's been some time since we last saw these two lock up. They initially encountered each other at the Breaking Point PPV where, via a Screwjob ending, Punk retained his title through submission.

Undertaker would capture the World Heavyweight Championship at the Hell in a Cell PPV before beating Punk again on Smackdown and turning him away again in a Fatal Four-Way at Bragging Rights, which all took place in the year 2009.

So, in keeping with the latest trend going around of numbering rematches, let's see where we stand if the proposed Mania matches were to actually be on the card:

  • Chris Jericho vs. Dolph Ziggler III
  • Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar II
  • Undertaker vs. CM Punk III
  • The Rock vs. John Cena II

Interestingly enough, it would seem some of the favored matches have been done...a lot. Whereas the matches WWE would normally be called out for shoving in our faces, it is the matches the WWE actually haven't been done near as much as one would think receiving the most criticism. The most interesting thing about this is, a lot of people have even been saying WWE should promote two other rematches, one at Mania, and another at SummerSlam.

Rumors of WWE plans to have Brock Lesnar face The Rock have led to much hype. While this match has been a rumored feud that would lead to SummerSlam, I've noticed a lot of people saying this is a match that should be saved for WrestleMania. While not really my cup of tea as far as matches go, (it's ancient history, in my opinion), I would advocate this match at SummerSlam. At Mania, though? Probably not.

Another match people have been saying should come to fruition (in case WWE intends on someone ending The Streak) is Kane vs. The Undertaker at WrestleMania...again. Personally, I think WWE has done enough three-peats.

Undertaker vs. Triple H was the last and only time someone should have three matches with Undertaker. This is professional wrestling. It's not ballet, and it's not baseball, either. So now, people think WrestleMania 30 should be headlined by Undertaker and Kane? To put it in terms so simple even Micheal Cole couldn't misinterpret them, ain't nobody got time for that.

I get it, Kane and Undertaker have a rich history, but in what world does it seem like a good idea to have Kane end The Streak when he's failed twice already? Again, this is not baseball, people.

If I were to ask you right now who seemed the biggest threat to end The Streak between Kane and John Cena, which do you think has the bigger chance of getting the nod from Corporate to end it? Don't answer that question, because I think we all know the answer. Hint: He's cannot be located, but popular opinion has it that his moment of glory is of this moment...

Anyway, as of the writing of this article, we may not be getting Undertaker/Punk III due to health issues with Undertaker. Jericho vs. Ziggler isn't confirmed, but remains widely speculated. SummerSlam and WrestleMania 30 are topics for another day, or article at least.

In conclusion, my point is you can complain about a match all you want. Lord knows I will if the Elimination Chamber match goes as predicted. But I seriously don't think one should simply get upset about a match simply because it's a rematch.

Some rematches are actually good, (see Undertaker vs. HBK) while others can be bad. A rematch can go either way, but your enjoyment of it is preemptively soured if you go into a match with the self-fulfilled prophecy of disliking it simply because you oppose the match on paper, regardless of what plays out in the ring. If that's really how you want to go about it, fine.

However, I would suggest a more openminded approach and, if not, spending time doing something you actually enjoy rather than tuning into a match that you know won't. Let the people who are willing to look at the match from a fresh, unbiased perspective enjoy it without a pessimistic attitude getting in the way.