Kobe, LeBron Headline New All-Star Warm Ups Swag

Roy BurtonContributor IFebruary 16, 2013

Just in case you weren't aware of how great Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant and Miami Heat forward LeBron James are, their All-Star warmup jackets make sure you do.

Steve Kyler of HoopsWorld recently posted pictures of each player's adidas warmup jacket for Sunday's All-Star Game, and it's fair to say that warmup gear may never be the same again. In an unique move, both James and Bryant will be sporting a patch on the left side of their jackets that displays their various professional accomplishments.

For example, James' patch has icons that highlight his nine All-Star appearances, three MVP awards, two All-Star Game MVPs, his Rookie of the Year Award, his 2007-08 scoring title and last year's NBA championship.

Bryant's patch is a bit more busy thanks to his 15 All-Star nods, five NBA titles and four All-Star MVP awards, among a whole host of other accolades.

It will be interesting to see if the patch is limited to just Bryant's and James' warmups. Several other All-Stars have won league-wide honors in their respective careers, and their achievements should be recognized as well.

That said, not only is it a cool twist to an otherwise non-descript article of clothing, but it's also a very savvy marketing ploy by adidas. If adidas didn't plan on selling these before, then they should now—the James and Bryant jackets would sell like crazy if they were to ever hit store shelves.

And even though we know Bryant is the more decorated of the two, the jackets also serve as validation of sorts for those who side with the Lakers star in the never ending Bryant vs. James debate.