Usain Bolt: Track and Field Star More Deserving of Celebrity MVP

Daine PavloskiAnalyst IIFebruary 16, 2013

Maybe Bolt isn't NBA-bound, but his dunk should've earned him the MVP trophy.
Maybe Bolt isn't NBA-bound, but his dunk should've earned him the MVP trophy.Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Usain Bolt proved some things at NBA's Celebrity All-Star game. He proved that he doesn't take Celebrity All-Star games as seriously as others and, more importantly, he can dunk. 

Bolt's main highlight came on a fast break when he put down a solid two-handed jam over the defense with ease. Bolt's dunk was the big highlight of a pretty uneventful game.

Bolt's other highlight was more of a lowlight. He lost a footrace to Kevin Hart. In Bolt's defense, Hart had a considerable head start and didn't explain the rules very well. Bolt almost caught Hart on the way down the court and put down another two-handed dunk. Bolt then obviously wasn't clear that the race was "there and back" as he hung from the rim and Hart barely won the race at the other end. 

While Bolt might not have been the winner of the footrace, he should've won the MVP award over the comedian. 

Hart had a laughable stat line, which was still probably better than Bolt's, but Usain dunked it. He dunked it. Not many celebrities throw it down in the NBA's amusing All-Star game apart from the few freak athletes who get an invite. This year's freak was the Jamaican speedster and his fast-break throwdown should've been worthy of the MVP trophy. 

At least his lackluster performance was highlighted by a dunk, unlike Hart's performance, which was highlighted by winning a race during a timeout. 

Bolt, who claims to be much better at soccer, didn't put on the best show at the Celebrity All-Star game, but produced one of the most talked-about moments with his two-hander. 

It's a Celebrity All-Star game, and he's a track star who came all the way from Jamaica. He dunked it. Give the dude a break, NBA.