The Doctor's WWE Main Event/SmackDown Recap: Things We Learned, Loved and Hated

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistFebruary 15, 2013

Picture by Natasha Farley (Images property of WWE, BBC and Bleacher Report)
Picture by Natasha Farley (Images property of WWE, BBC and Bleacher Report)

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to my weekly Main Event and SmackDown recap list. I always appreciate my loyal readers, but for those of you who are new, each week I recap SmackDown with a long list.
The entries are made up of equal parts observations, humor, recap, play-by-play, revelations, speculations, questions, answers and anything else I notice during the show. I sometimes comment on commercials, too, just because I get bored during them.
I try and interject some fun into these lists, so I hope you have fun reading this week's list of the things we learned, loved and hated from the show.

Fair warning. A video included this week was in reference to a film starring Gary Oldman, and may not be appropriate for children to view. (NSFW Language and some violence)

Main Event

1. Michael Cole and JBL welcome us to the show.
2. I miss Miz on commentary, but I will never argue with having JBL on the mic.
3. Chris Jericho comes out at the top of the show for the Highlight Reel.
4. What exactly is Jericho going for with that hairstyle?
5. It's like he just found out the Flowbee wasn't that great.
6. Be honest, how many of you have no idea what a Flowbee is?

7. Jericho's whole Y2J persona seems a little forced tonight.
8. We see how Cesaro threw Miz into the barricade several times to injure him and keep him from being on the show.
9. Jericho says the show must go on and Ricardo Rodriguez appears out of nowhere.
10. He brings down Alberto Del Rio as the new guest.
11. I like  how people are starting to bring signs with a ton of "O's" at the end of Alberto.
12. Ha! He calls Jericho, Cristobal, the Mexican version of Christopher.
13. That's what my name was in fifth grade Spanish class.
14. Jericho talks about having a lot of respect for ADR's family after wrestling in Mexico early in his career.
15. Jericho says he is going to win the Chamber match and he, Del Rio and Ricky get into a three-way argument in Spanish.
16. Dolph Ziggler, Big E Langston and AJ come out to complain.
17. Jericho makes a cheap joke at AJ's expense and Langston gets pissed.
18. Jericho makes some lame guesses about what the E in his name stands for.
19. Ziggler promises to cash in between now and WrestleMania.
20. Del Rio says he wants to teach Ziggler a lesson and Jericho apparently has the ability to make this match happen.
21. We return from break and the two lock up.
22. JBL calls AJ the Kathy Bates of WWE.
23. What an odd comparison. I get it's a reference to Misery, I still think it's an odd comparison, through.

24. ADR reverses a hip toss and Ziggler sells it better than any hip toss I have ever seen.
25. Del Rio hits a series of kicks in the corner for a near fall.
26. These two have a pretty good back and forth match as we head to a commercial.
27. After the break we see a clip of Ziggler throwing Del Rio into the barricade to take back control.
28. Ziggler hits that incredible dropkick of his out of nowhere for a near fall.
29. Del Rio gets back dropped over the top rope and he hits his head on the steel steps on the way down.
30. Wow! Del Rio hits a reverse suplex to Ziggler from the top rope.
31. That is a very dangerous move to pull off.
32. Langston hits Del Rio when the ref isn't looking. Ricky tries to hit him with a bucket and it has no effect whatsoever.
33. Ricky gets chased out of the arena by Langston as Del Rio locks in the Cross Arm Breaker for the submission win.
34. That was a very good match. These two know how to put on a great show together, and hopefully they have a decent feud at some point for the title.
35. I have been noticing a lot of videos for Kofi Kingston during Main Event the past few weeks.
36. Haha! They show a picture of Clay and Tensai and JBL says "I like to call them Future Endeavored."
37. After the break we get a rundown of all the matches that will take place at Elimination Chamber.
38. Paul Heyman is backstage with the WWE title belt and Striker asks where Punk is.
39. Heyman says he is here, but he is training.
40. Heyman speaks as if Punk never lost the title and says if Rock gets counted out or DQ's, Punk will retain.

41. After a final break, we get some videos for EC and I cannot help but ask why this show only had one match?
42. There are usually two, and sometimes even three matches. What gives?
43. This show was essentially one long match and a bunch of videos.
44. Sometimes Dean Ambrose reminds me of Gary Oldman from The Professional, when he gets all crazy in his promos.
45. For those unaware, I just gave Ambrose a huge compliment.



46. When did SmackDown start using the opening video we see at the top of the show? It looks new.
47. Big Show comes out at the top of the show to talk about his world title match on Sunday and how the world is unfair to him.
48. He makes sure we all know that Del Rio has never won with a pinfall over Big Show.
49. When Big Show gets really angry, he starts to sound a little like Hulk Hogan.
50. Chris Jericho's music hits and he comes out without his usual pyro or flashy jacket.
51. Jericho says he has known Show for 16 years and he knows what he is going through.
52. Show says Jericho should go back to Fozzy, writing books and robot fighting shows.
53. Jericho says he is back and better than ever.
54. I don't know about better than ever, but he is still pretty awesome most of the time.
55. Jericho mentions the possibility of the two facing off at WrestleMania for the title.
56. Big Show says he will end Jericho's career if they face off and he tells him to leave the ring before he gets himself killed.
57. Booker's music hits and he comes out to add his two cents.
58. Booker makes the match between Jericho and Show for later.

59. Randy Orton is shown walking backstage and Matt Striker walks up and asks him how he feels about facing Mark Henry tonight.
60. Orton doesn't get a chance to say anything before Henry walks up and they have a staredown before Henry's music hits and he walks to the ring.
61. Honestly, that was better than if either man had said anything. Less is more.
62. After Orton enters following a break, the bell rings and this match gets under way.
63. JBL corrects Josh Mathews on the difference between exercising and exorcising as Orton and Henry lock up.
64. Orton almost wins by countout early, but Henry gets himself back in and takes Orton down with a single headbutt.
65. I remember a couple years ago when Orton was WWE champion on Raw, Henry debuted after being drafted from SmackDown and when he beat Orton at the end of a gauntlet match, everyone acted like it was a huge upset.
66. Now Orton is the underdog. Funny how things change like that in WWE.
67. We see Orton take Henry down with a big clothesline after another break.
68. Orton breaks out of a World's Strongest Slam and hits a DDT for a two count.
69. Orton hits the rope-hung DDT on the big man and he sets up for the RKO.
70. Henry easily dispatches him before he can hit it and knocks him out of the ring.
71. Henry and Orton fight outside the ring until Orton gets a disqualification by using a chair.
72. Good. It's about time a babyface got pissed and used a weapon.
73. Orton tees off on Henry in the ring with a couple chair shots, but Henry is able to grab him and hit the WSS to put him down.
74. Josh Mathews hypes an appearance by The Rock for later.

75. After a break we see Henry walking backstage and he runs into Striker.
76. He says he has been gone for nine months and now his Hall of Pain is getting full.
77. Henry is picking up right where he left off nine months ago. That was a decent promo.
78. Layla is out next for a match with Tamina after the break.
79. Layla looks different. Maybe she did something with her hair. Whatever it is, she looks good.
80. The Fandango promos are getting old. Just debut the guy or cut him already.
81. Layla and Tamina have a nice little back and forth in the early part of the match.
82. They should cast Tamina as Aunty Entity in the Mad Max remake. She would be perfect.
83. Layla does her little dance leading into a butt bump, but Tamina takes her down to the floor the hard way by pulling the apron out from under her.
84. Tamina grabs Layla and drops her with a Samoan Drop before hitting the Superfly Splash to get the pin and the win.
85. Josh Mathews "Tamina spent her childhood cliff-diving to pay homage to her father."
86. JBL "Why didn't she jump off a cage then?"

87. The Rock comes out after the break to what seems like a huge pop from the crowd.
88. Rock starts out by addressing CM Punk stealing his title.
89. Rock says he is going to give Punk an ass-kicking that will haunt him or the rest of his life.
90. That's not a bad line.
91. This happened last time too. Whenever Rocky comes back to WWE, he gets better as he goes. Every week we see him he gets more into his old groove.
92. Punk comes on the big screen and taunts Rock with the WWE title belt.
93. The look on Heyman's face as he arrogantly holds up the WWE title makes me want to hit him, which is exactly why he does it. Heyman is one of the best actors in WWE.
94. The promo ends without anything of consequence happening.

95. 3MB are in the ring when we return and they are facing Brodus Clay and Tensai.
96. At least Tensai isn't dancing during the entrance.
97. Slater starts off against Tensai. He does some air guitar and Tensai responds with some dancing.
98. Slater tries to take advantage, but he gets run over by Tensai.
99. Mahal gets the tag and they get Tensai down for a moment.
100. Mahal hits a running knee for a near fall on Tensai.
101. Tensai and Mahal botch a swinging slam and Clay gets the tag and goes to work on Mahal.
102. Clay and Tensai hit Mahal and Slater with corner splashes and Mahal gets dropped with a spinebuster.
103. Clay hits the running splash for the pin and the win.
104. The Shield's music hits and Clay makes sure the Funkadactyls get out of the ring.
105. Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns come through the crowd and attack the big men.
106. They hit Clay with the triple powerbomb, which looked very impressive.

107. Miz is out after the break to face Cody Rhodes and he is selling the injury at the hands of Antonio Cesaro by wearing a shoulder wrap.
108. Miz takes down Rhodes with a hard right hand when Rhodes tries to go for his injured shoulder.
109. Miz runs into a boot, but he is still able to pull Rhodes from the middle rope.
110. Rhodes starts working over the shoulder of Miz with various attacks.
111. Miz is able to fight him off and hit a couple clotheslines.
112. Rhodes and Miz are having a pretty good match.
113. Rhodes tries for a Disaster Kick, but Miz catches him and locks in the Figure Four for the submission win.
114. That was a decent match for how quick it felt.

115. After the break we see Zack Ryder in the ring as he waits for Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter to come to the ring.
116. Zeb twirls his mustache a bit before the match, and it is one hell of a mustache.
117. Swagger takes the lead right off the bat and punishes Ryder's back.
118. Swagger grabs Ryder's feet and whips him off the middle rope and continues to demolish him.
119. I really wish JBL would mention that he and Zeb have history together.
120. Ryder misses the Broski Boot and Swagger snaps his leg into the ring post.
121. A hard chop block takes Ryder down and Swagger hits the gutwrench powerbomb followed by the Patriot Act for the submission win.
122. Two matches in a row with submission endings.
123. I have been mentioning this lately and I will say it again. The increase in submission wins in WWE over the last few months has been great to see.
124. After the match we get another promo from Zeb Colter.
125. This is a much better promo than what he gave on Monday. He hits all the right notes.
126. Why is anyone talking about Rhodes' mustache when they have a genuine handlebar mustache on Colter?

127. Del Rio is with Matt Striker backstage and he talks about beating Big Show on Sunday.
128. Show is out next for his match with Y2J.
129. Show walks to the ring briskly to show he is pissed off.
130. After the break we see Jericho makes his usual entrance and I cannot help but get excited.
131. This is almost as exciting as seeing Chuck Norris fight a bear, which is even funnier because JBL has been saying Del Rio has been "Poking the bear" for weeks.
132. It happened. This will become your favorite YouTube video of all time.
133. Fun Fact: The bear in this video is named Brody the Bear. He has his own IMDB page and there is a website, about his trainers and education about bears. He has been called "The Robert Redford of bears."
134. Don't say I don't teach you stuff.

135. The bell rings and Big Show goes right to work on the much smaller Jericho.
136. Jericho avoids Show in the corner, but he still leaps off the ropes right into a Chokeslam.
137. Jericho is really putting Show over in this match. He has barely had any offense against Show.
138. Jericho rolls the outside and Show has to get him back in the ring.
139. Show is sweating like a faucet as he goes to the second rope and misses an elbow drop.
140. Jericho hits the lionsault for a two count.
141. Show counters a Codebreaker, but he gets dropped with a DDT for another near fall.
142. Big Show ends up hitting the KO Punch after a failed Liontamer attempt from Jericho to get the pin and the win
143. The way that KO Punch looked was awesome. Jericho sold that like a champ.
144. I would just like to point out that we are nearly 12 years since the closing of WCW's doors.
145. Tonight's show opened with Booker, Show and Jericho, who all got to be big stars in WCW before being in WWE.
146. The show ended with a match between two of those former WCW superstars.
147. I know it is not an important fact, but I find it interesting that SmackDown had it's book ends (no pun intended) made big by WCW.
148. Zeb Colter was also in WCW in the very early '90s. Tonight was full of veterans, both in the ring and in the case of Colter, Vietnam.
149. Tonight's show was not terrible, but it did not feel like the last show before a pay-per-view.
150. Miz and Rhodes probably put on the best show, which is not surprising given that WWE wants everyone else healthy for the Chamber PPV.
151. Make sure to join me for live coverage of WWE Elimination Chamber here on Bleacher Report.
152. Thanks for reading and feel free to leave your thoughts on the show below, or your favorite Chuck Norris joke if you would like.


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