Check out the Sneakers NBA's Rising Stars Are Wearing for All-Star Weekend

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If the flashy kicks the NBA's Rising Stars will be wearing for All-Star Weekend are any indication, we're in for a loud, colorful few days.

New Orleans Hornets rookie Anthony Davis will be rocking a pair of shoes that seem to be honoring both Charles Barkley's iconic "I am not a role model" mantra and 101 Dalmations. The Chuckster's famous phrase is scrawled in bold red lettering on the soles, while the uppers feature a wacky black-and-white pattern.

It's a bold look, but a smart move. Davis is playing for Team Chuck in the Rising Stars Challenge, so maybe his footwear tribute to his coach will earn him a few extra minutes.

Bradley Beal of the Washington Wizards will be sporting a slick pair of bright red Nike Hyper Disruptors, complete with some nifty aqua laces. He claims they're comfortable, which could help him avoid the nerves associated with his first nationally showcased game. Now might be a good time to check the odds on his chances of winning MVP honors.

Cleveland Cavaliers second-year man Tristan Thompson was particularly chatty about his kicks, and why not? He's got the Nike Area 72s, which I'll confess, I'm unfamiliar with. There's one problem with his analysis of the shoes, though; he seems to think they'll stand out.

Uh, Tristan, everybody's shoes have crazy colors this year. Your kicks actually fit in. Still, the red, yellow and blue combo is a good look for the occasion.

Next up, we've got Nik Vucevic of the Orlando Magic, and without reservation, his custom LeBrons take the cake. They've got some kind of crazy strap on the back and a color combo featuring purplish-blue, orange, turquoise and grey.

And at size 16.5, those colors are going to be all the more noticeable.

For a guy with such a no-nonsense game, Vucevic is stepping out of his comfort zone with these flashy numbers. Nice look, Nik.

Finally, there's Dion Waiters, whose lightning-fast escape from the cameras proves his sneakers allow him to make the quick cuts and bursts he'll need to get to the hole in the Rising Stars game this year. It's a bit of a stretch to compile a scouting report based on a guy's shoes, but the tape doesn't lie.

Waiters bolted away from the interviewer in a slick pair of white Nike Hyperfuses with orange and neon yellow accents. Most importantly, the Cavs' rookie looks confident—which he has to be to wear a pair of shoes like that.

With all of these bold looks, it might be a good idea to adjust the color on your TV now. You don't want to blow out any pixels when some of these blindingly bright combos assault your eyes in HD.

Consider yourself warned.

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