Brian Billick Was the Worst Match Game Contestant Ever

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterFebruary 15, 2013

Brian Billick is horrible at Match Game

I am not sure what that does for your opinion of the former NFL head coach, who is now an analyst for Fox, but the moments of Billick lobbing up horrible answers and hoping they stick will certainly have you entertained. 

On Friday, the 58-year-old former Ravens coach tweeted out this marvel:

From there, you're pretty much guaranteed to take a trip back to the late-70s, when everyone's clothing was some shade of brown and the microphones were tall and skinny. 

For those who have never seen Match Game, the contestant is basically trying to match his or her answer to the one given by the B-List celebrity of note. 

I mean, your day just isn't complete without random 1970s pop culture references, so let's dive into some horrible Match Game playing. 

From the start, we can tell the coach, who is trying to pull off a Lee Majors look—you know you love pop references from over 30 years ago—is in trouble. 

Also, I would like to know when brown leather jackets are going to make a comeback, because I am ready to be a pioneer in such ventures. 

Billick answers the first clue, what a new bride might do with her 102-year-old husband, with "nursing him." With that, there is a loud groan from the audience, as if Billick has just punched an actual 102-year-old man in the face. 

While there are no wrong answers in this game, Billick is wrong. He is wrong in this decade, the next one and several decades later.  

His fellow contestant, Marla, doesn't help with her next answer—which makes you wonder what it takes to get on this show—but she makes up for it on the next round. 

Let's all saddle up and head to Rounds 2 and 3, because I am sure things are looking up for this football coach who lives in Redlands, Calif. 


The whole ordeal gets so bad that Richard Dawson starts capping on the poor young man. He pretends to write down, "Football, failed. Game shows, failed."

All the while, Billick is a great sport, wearing a smile amid the flop sweat. 

We would like to commend Billick for letting this all get out. Although, we do have to warn fans out there: Never ask the NFL analyst to fill in the blank, because he manages to always pick the wrong answer.