WWE SmackDown, Feb. 15: Chris Jericho vs. Big Show, The Rock Appears and More

Kyle SchadlerChief Writer IFebruary 16, 2013

photo from wwe.com
photo from wwe.com

WWE SmackDown opened with The Big Show, who declared that Alberto Del Rio’s actions last week resulted in three people suffering his wrath on Raw. Del Rio never pinned him for the title, and he won’t be able to do it on Sunday.

That brought out Chris Jericho, and Big Show made reference to Jericho always being gone due to Fozzy, writing a book or his new robot fighting show. Jericho said he’d win the Chamber match and go on to face Big Show if he won.

Booker T then came out to make Chris Jericho vs. Big Show as the main event. It looks like Booker T has finally stopped listening to Teddy Long. There hasn’t been a tag team main event in weeks!

Anyway, this was a good opening segment. Big Show delivered a good promo, and I’m happy that he’s no longer acting like a crybaby. He’s back to being an angry giant, though he did whine a bit about Del Rio never pinning him. Either way, The Big Show is a force to be reckoned with right now.

Jericho was great here, too, and the fans gave him a huge reaction. It doesn’t matter how long he’s gone for, the fans are always going to go nuts when he returns. Out of all the Chamber participants, I think he has the best chance at winning. My reasoning is simply this: Dolph Ziggler and the Money in the Bank briefcase.


Mark Henry vs. Randy Orton

Before the match, Matt Striker tried to interview Randy Orton backstage. Before Orton could talk, though, Mark Henry approached him. They had an intense stare down before Henry’s music hit.

I have a feeling that their feud from 2011 is going to be picked right back up. These matches will not be the last we see of them. Perhaps they’ll even be WrestleMania opponents.

As for the match, Henry picked up the win by disqualification when Orton hit him with a chair. These two had a decent match here. It was kind of slow, and the action was a bit lackluster. Their match last week was so much better.

They do work well together, as seen last week and in their last feud, but there was just something about this match that I couldn’t get into.

Post-match, Orton hit Henry again with the chair, but before he could do it a third time, Henry hit the World’s Strongest Slam. Orton tried to weaken Henry before the Chamber match, but it was Henry who weakened Orton. They are going to be at each other’s throats on Sunday, and I now feel a bit stronger about Mark Henry vs. Randy Orton at WrestleMania.

After the match backstage, Henry approached Striker and told him to listen. He was frustrated after nine months at home. The Hall of Pain was back open for business, and it was already starting to fill up. WWE better have all branches of the military at the pay-per-view because nobody was going to stop him.

I liked his promo here. It was quite intense, and he sounded very dangerous. Sunday will be Henry’s first time inside the Elimination Chamber structure, so I can’t wait to see what a man his size can do inside of it.


Layla vs. Tamina Snuka

Tamina Snuka defeated the former Divas champion here with the Superfly Splash. This was better than the usual Divas match. It was also the first Divas match to be featured on Raw or SmackDown in a few weeks!

Despite the nasty looking spot with the ring apron, Tamina and Layla gave fans some overall solid action. If WWE let them go a bit longer, I think they could have had a great match.

I really hope that Tamina and Kaitlyn are given a nice chunk of time on Sunday. I fear that Tamina will destroy Kaitlyn only to see the champion roll her up out of nowhere for the win, but I’m going to have faith in WWE on this one.


A Champion Without His Title

The Rock then made his way out to address CM Punk stealing the WWE Championship on Raw. The Rock just saw it as a trade, though. Punk took the title in exchange for a beating that would haunt him the rest of his life. He called Punk a spoiled little boy who cried when he lost his toy, and Punk appeared via satellite as a result.

Punk wanted the beating, but it was because if The Rock snapped, he’d get disqualified and Punk would “retain” the title. Punk couldn’t stop The Rock, and on Monday, his failure would hit him like “a ton of bricks.”

This segment was quite good. The Rock delivered a great, and serious, promo here. There were no jokes about Paul Heyman, and even The Rock’s comment about Punk being a spoiled little boy wasn’t done in a joking manner. I will always enjoy a comedy segment from The Rock, but when he’s serious, he gets the job done just as well than when he’s joking around.

CM Punk’s part was well done, too. He delivered a good promo as well, while Heyman sat there holing up the title with one of his many priceless looks on his face. This segment was definitely one of the highlights of SmackDown for me.


Brodus Clay and Tensai vs. Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal of 3MB

Brodus and Tensai defeated the 3MB members after a decent match. The contest saw the heels dominate Tensai for about a minute until the hot tag to the Funkasaurus for the finish.

Brodus Clay and Tensai do make a pretty good team. They work well together, and despite their comedy gimmicks, they look quite menacing due to their size. If given the opportunity, they could become much more than a comedy gimmick.

These two monsters could give the tag team division a huge boost. 3MB have the potential to do that as well, as all three members are solid in-ring performers. I highly doubt WWE would push two gimmick teams at the same time, though.

Post-match, The Shield made their way out to attack Brodus and Tensai. After hitting the powerbomb on Brodus, Dean Ambrose declared that the sight on Sunday would not be any different. John Cena, Sheamus and Ryback would learn that actions had consequences.

So where were Cena, Sheamus and Ryback? Aren’t they supposed to be the shield to The Shield? Anyway, Ambrose gave a solid promo after the attack. He really is the best mic worker of the group.

That probably won’t matter too much longer, though. As much as I would like to see The Shield win the match on Sunday, there is no way they are going to defeat the Supermen of the WWE.


Cody Rhodes vs. The Miz

The Miz picked up the win after countering the Disaster Kick into the figure-four leglock. I enjoyed this match. There was some good action between them, and The Miz’s shoulder injury played really well into the contest. If he didn’t have the injury, the match would have the potential to be great. This was so much better than their outing on Raw, though.

Both Superstars are the future of the WWE. I’m predicting that within the next year or two, Rhodes and Miz will be going one-on-one for the WWE or World Heavyweight Championship. Most likely the World title.

Rhodes will make it to the title first in this particular scenario, though. If a feud over one of the main belts were to ever happen, I’m sure it would be a great one!


Jack Swagger vs. Zack Ryder

After Zack Ryder got in a bit of offense, Jack Swagger just dismantled him for the victory. Poor Ryder. Is he ever going to catch another break in WWE? I’d like to think so, but I doubt it.

Swagger’s intensity is great, and it’s going to help him in a big way. What’s going to help him even more is Zeb Coulter, or Dutch Mantell to older fans. Coulter declared that all men are created equal, but it was the choices that we make that define us.

They were real Americans while someone like Ryder wasn’t since all he cared about was his hair and tan. They knew how to fix the United States and were going to do just that.

Mantell is great on the mic, which is something Swagger was never too good with. As his mouth piece, Coulter is going to get Swagger over huge as a heel. This is only his second appearance, and he’s doing just that.

Their “true American” characters are controversial. Not many are fans of people who talk like that, but I think this is great. It’s been a while since WWE has had a character that could truly incite anger in the audience. Coulter is the kind of character that can do that, and Swagger will be getting that heat as well since Coulter is his good friend and he shares the same views.

This is the best thing to happen to Jack Swagger in a very long time.


Chris Jericho vs. The Big Show

After countering the Walls of Jericho and hitting the Knockout Punch, The Big Show took home the victory. I liked this match. There was some good action as Big Show and Chris Jericho delivered in the main event of SmackDown.

These two Superstars work quite well with one another. They showed that in 2009 when they held the Tag Team Championship together, and they showed it in their one-on-one matches after they disbanded. They haven’t lost that chemistry one bit.

I think Jericho and Big Show would make for a great World Heavyweight Championship match at WrestleMania, but I can’t see it happening. One of these two will be victorious at the Elimination Chamber on Sunday, and I have a feeling that it’ll be Y2J.

Post-match, Alberto Del Rio came out onto the stage and just stared at The Big Show. I can’t wait for their match on Sunday. A normal singles match is quite different than a Last Man Standing match, so I’m interested to see how they work together without chairs, steel steps and other weapons.


Final Thoughts

Overall, I thought this was a solid episode of WWE SmackDown. There were a few good matches, but the main thing to take away from this episode was the build to the Elimination Chamber.

While not all of the Chamber participants were present, the ones that were helped build up the match very well. The Divas Championship match got a bit of nice build with Tamina defeating a former Divas champion.

The World Heavyweight Championship match got some great build as well with The Big Show using his rage to defeat a six-time World champion. The big Rock/CM Punk rematch was also built up great with their exchange at the top of the hour.

On paper, the Elimination Chamber event looks like a solid show. With the build that it has been getting, and the competitors involved in the event, I think that it will be as good as it looks.


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