Team Shaq vs. Team Chuck: Players Who Will Disappoint in Rising Stars Challenge

Tyson AgbayaniCorrespondent IFebruary 15, 2013

Klay Thompson is on the up-and-up but will take the backseat to Irving and Lillard.
Klay Thompson is on the up-and-up but will take the backseat to Irving and Lillard.Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The 2013 Rising Stars Challenge is once again filled with some of the best up-and-coming youth in the NBA. While the majority of the youth included in this game will become stars in the near future, some players won’t impress in this year's game.  

Here are three players that will disappoint in today’s Rising Stars Challenge.  

Tyler Zeller, Cleveland Cavaliers

While the 7 foot center out of North Carolina is having a pretty good rookie season, he will have his hands full in tonight’s game. 

As one of only two bigs on Team Shaq’s roster, Zeller will be forced to protect the rim and rebound against the superior big men on Team Chuck’s roster. 

Shaq’s roster of speedy guards will look to up the tempo a bit in today’s game to make up for their lack of size. Look for Zeller’s production and overall game to suffer, as he will essentially be left out of the fun.

Ricky Rubio, Minnesota Timberwolves

The 6 foot 4 inch guard from Spain seems to be finally getting back into rhythm since returning from injury, but that won’t carry over into today’s game.

As the leading guard for Team Chuck’s squad, Rubio will have the tough task of slowing down guards Kyrie Irving, Damian Lillard and/or Kemba Walker

While Rubio will have the upper hand in terms of a collection of big men, tonight’s game won’t be played at a big’s pace. Although known as a quick guard himself, like Zeller, Rubio will be caught in the crossfire of the up and down play of Team Shaq’s squad.


Klay Thompson, Golden State Warriors

It’s no secret that Thompson is one of the league’s up-and-coming two guards; he just won’t look like it in today’s game.

The fourth pick of Team Shaq is having a breakout season with the Warriors and is quietly becoming one of the favorites to take home the MVP honors of this year’s game.

While Thompson won’t have a terrible game, this year’s game will be all about the play of Irving and Lillard. 

As teammate to both Irving and Lillard, Thompson will be lost in the mix, as the two will end up duking it out for the game’s MVP honors.