Atlanta Falcons: 2009 Draft Needs, Plans, and More

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Atlanta Falcons: 2009 Draft Needs, Plans, and More
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The NFL Draft is quickly approaching, and well, there are some players and concepts that we should ponder before it takes place. 

Last season, we saw the Falcons find three starters in the draft. So what can we expect from them this year?

Well as a fan, we can hope for the same, but who knows. 

The Atlanta Falcons, at this point, have the 24th, 55th, 90th, 125th, 143rd, 160th, 196th, and 235th picks. 

Positions the Falcons need to address in the draft

Strong Safety: Lawyer Milloy is now gone and at this point the Falcons have no answer for the position.

What the Falcons need at this position is a play-maker. Last season, the Falcons' defense was horrible and couldn't force any turnovers—at least not consistently.

But a playmaker at the safety position could fix this problem or at least help the problem. 


Defensive Tackle: Every Falcon fan is aware of Jonathan Babinaeux. But what a lot of people do not realize is that he is a very undersized player.

Then there is the problem of the rest of the poor defensive tackles. The present tackles are either too small or too old. What the Falcons need is a monster in the middle whose best years are in front of him. 


Tight End: This is one of the only spots on the offense that the Falcons need to address. Last season, the tight end position in Atlanta was not as bad as everyone thinks.

I am not even kidding, it was arguably decent. You see, just because the Falcon tight ends were not flashy, doesn't mean they were not solid. But there is a need for a pass catching tight end who can attack the middle of the field. 


Outside Linebacker: This is a very debatable need. Some see it as something the Falcons do not need to address, while others—such as myself—believe it is the top priority.

The linebacker position is the back bone to basically every defense, and the Falcons are no different. As it stands now, the Falcons have one play-maker at the linebacking core.

The dream linebacking core for the Falcons is to have three very physical athletes. At this point however they only have one. 

Defensive End: Another very debatable position. Some still have not given up on Jamaal Anderson, but regardless of your stance on him there is still the problem of a pass rush. Well more lack there of. 

Players with trade value

Jamaal Anderson: The last first round pick of the old GM, Anderson has not even come close to meeting the expectations we set.

I do believe, however, that there is some value in him. He would not be able to get us a pick by himself, but he might be able to move us up in the first round.


Jonathan Babineaux: I just heard you say: "this guy is crazy and he has just lost all of his credibility with me."

But wait, just hear me out. 

Babineaux is arguably a star in the making. That means this is a great time to move him. I know that sounds crazy, but even if Babineaux does develop into an all star he still will not fit into what the Falcons want a defensive tackle.


Possible trading partners

Denver Broncos: The Falcons have made multiple deals with the Broncos over the years, why should this year be any different?

The Broncos have two first round picks, but more importantly a middle round pick that is in front of the Patriots.

This means that if the Falcons are really that high on Matthews, they could trade their 24th pick and a player for the Broncos pick they acquired from the bears. 


Seattle Seahawks: They have so many picks that I could see them making deals all day, so why couldn't the Falcons be one of the teams they deal with. 

Every team that picks between 25 and 32 will want the Falcons pick. For there are a lot of good valued players that just do not fit the Falcons needs. 

Possible picks

Clay Matthews USC Outside Linebacker: Very athletic linebacker with huge upside and pass rush abilities. 


Louis Delmas Western Michigan Strong Safety: Enormous potential, but an enormous draw back as well. He is a little on the small side, but has big play potential.

Alex Mack California Center: Very consistent could start from day one and grow old with Matt Ryan.

Bottom line

The Falcons' draft will be very defensive heavy with a tight end and a lineman thrown in. Any player that the Falcons draft will more then likely be heavily scouted, so the team will know what they are getting. 

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