Meet 5-Star Monster Recruit Damian Prince

Full RideFeatured Columnist IOctober 22, 2016

If you thought Laremy Tunsil was a force to be reckoned with, you haven't met Damian Prince. Tunsil may be the No.1 offensive tackle in the 2013 class, but Prince has a tremendous presence on the field and is one of the best offensive tackles in the 2014 class.

Prince towers at 6'7" and weighs 300 pounds. He is one of the biggest recruits out of the 2014 class. Prince crushes the opposition and man handles defensive linemen at the high school level. 

Bleacher Report sat down with Prince to discuss his favorite school, his interests and his proudest moments as a football player.

Watch to see which football program has the edge so far in the sweepstakes for Prince.