5 Reasons to Show Gronk Some Belated Valentine's Love

Trevor Bray@TrevorAlexandraContributor IIIFebruary 15, 2013

5 Reasons to Show Gronk Some Belated Valentine's Love

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    Unfortunately for New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, the tabloids have not been showing him any love this Valentine's Day season.  All of his party rocking results in bad hangovers and negative publicity.

    Barstool Sports even went so far as to say that Patriots fans are the most hypocritical fan base for their support of Gronk.

    However, do not let the Valentine's Day blues creep up on you; love is still lingering in the air from February 14.

    Extend that affection to Gronkowski because he is in need of some serious TLC.

    Here are five reasons why Rob Gronkowski deserves adoration—not disrespect. 

He Gives Back

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    When Gronkowski is not on the field, partying is not his only extracurricular activity. He is constantly contributing to various philanthropies. Most notably, Gronkowski shaved his head in the summer of 2012 for cancer awareness.

    Beyond that, he is the face of the Gronk Nation Youth Foundation and the Celebrities for Charity raffle.

    At Super Bowl XLVII, the tight end gave a child $100 who was running a lemonade stand.

    So he is no modern Gandhi, but the man makes it a point to give back to the community.

    After Gronkowski’s memorable payday (signing a six-year, $53 million extension), he forked over $30,000 to fund a new gym in a New York treatment facility.

    While it has been reported that he has partied a little too hard at certain charity events, you cannot hate the man for putting his money where his mouth is when it comes to giving back to the community around him. 

He Does His Job Well

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    Gronkowski rewrote the record books in 2011 with 17 touchdown catches, 1,327 yards and 90 receptions.

    In 2012, he missed five games due to a controversial extra point injury, but still logged 55 receptions on 79 targets to go along with 11 touchdowns, 790 yards and three games with two touchdown receptions. 

    As far as touchdown celebrations go, Gronkowski definitely deserves some credit for not only his infamous “Gronk spike,” but also his tribute to Buckingham Palace after scoring against the St. Louis Rams.

    Gronkowski is only 23 years old, so more record-breaking stats could be on the way.

    Which brings me to my next point…

He Is Only 23 Years Old

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    Should Gronkowski have taken a photograph with a nude porn star when he is the face of the New England Patriots?

    No, probably not.

    However, riddle me this: How many 23-year-old males do you know that would not act the same if they were a professional athlete with a $53 million contract?

    Between posing for ESPN Magazine’s body issue and spiking pineapples and milk jugs, Gronkowski is simply living it up.  He always looks like he is having a blast, and frankly, he should be.

    Granted, there are limits, like not drunkenly smashing a broken hand. However, his partying antics are no reason to hate the guy.

    If anything, his excessive revelry could be his own demise if things get out of control and it affects his performance on the field. If his injuries continue from not taking proper care of his body, then the Patriots will have no problem telling him to pack his bags and take his antics elsewhere.

    Such a scenario is unlikely to happen, and Gronkowski does have some maturing to do, but he needs some slack.

    If partying is the worst thing he is doing, then I’m sure there are more important issues to worry about (which also leads to my next slide). 

He Has a Clean Record

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    Plaxico Burress shot himself in the foot. Leonard Little killed two individuals after driving impaired. Michael Vick endorsed dogfighting. Ray Lewis avoided homicide charges after being at the scene where a double-murder took place. Andre Rison skimped on paying child support.

    While the list could go on about NFL criminals and their wrong doings, this is just a short example of how ridiculous criticisms of Gronkowski are.  Barstool Sports is ignorant in calling Patriots’ fans hypocritical because their support of Gronkowski conflicts with the “Patriot Way.”

    The only type of record Gronkowski has is breaking NFL records as a tight end. 

He Doesn't Run His Mouth

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    Along with the "Patriot Way," Gronkwoski keeps a tight lip.

    The most controversial comments that have come out of Gronkowski’s mouth are his improper use of the Spanish language.

    When it comes to talking to the media, his lips are sealed.

    One could gather from Gronkowski’s interviews that he just stands in front of a mirror at home reciting note-cards Bill Belichick wrote out for him on how to answer questions. He uses all the key words like “team,” “work hard,” “tough opponent,” “respect” and “improve.” 

    While he could be like other athletes, say Bart Scott, and threaten opponents, he lets his work on the field do his talking for him. 

    Even in his E60 interview, he deferred clearing up the Bibi Jones incident when most people would have defended themselves. The only fact he did want to clarify is that her official job title is an "actress," not a porn star. 

    So there you have it: Start showing Gronkowski some love because, at the end of the day, he is just a kid in a man's body.

    His biggest crime is that he loves to party, and if you hate him for that, then clearly you need to get out more often.