Djokovic To Possibly Pose Naked For Playgirl (humour)

Robert OrzechowskiAnalyst IApril 8, 2009

An often shirtless Novak Djokovic has been approached by Playgirl to pose naked for an upcoming issue.  A spokesman for Playgirl confirmed that the offer is in the works. 

"We are negotiating a generous offer.  Not only did we offer a sweet compensation package, we also gave him a choice to pose in a clay, grass, carpet or hard court setting," The spokesman confirmed. 

There have been rumours that the negotiations have been ongoing and challenging because Djokovic insisted that his father should have his own issue or at least pose along with Novak.  

Djokovic himself stated a few possibilities. 

"I have spoken with Playgirl.  I have proposed a naked Djokovic Calendar.  Each family member would have their own month.  Also, I would like to pose with my new racket just to work it in."

Djokovic emphasized that although his family enjoys being naked, they would still be showing up at his tournaments fully clothed. 

Djokovic's childhood friend Anna Ivanovic was not surprised on hearing the news. 

"Ever since we were kids, he always equated winning with taking his shirt off.  A couple of times, he got hypothermia in the winter months."

Djokovic admitted he was excited about his first photo shoot. 

"I want to try this thing where I balance my racket without using my hands."