WWE Elimination Chamber 2013: 5 Twists & Turns the Chamber Match Could Take

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WWE Elimination Chamber 2013: 5 Twists & Turns the Chamber Match Could Take

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    The one and only announced Elimination Chamber match at this Sunday’s pay-per-view is one of the most unpredictable matches on the card.

    Will Kane and Bryan work together or against one another? Will Dolph Ziggler make an appearance during the match?

    With six competitors vying for a chance to challenge for the World Heavyweight title at WrestleMania 29, anything could happen.

    This match has so much potential for twists and turns that no WWE fan would ever expect.

    With that said, let’s take a look at five twists and turns the Elimination Chamber match could take this Sunday.

Kane and Daniel Bryan Both Win

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    One may think that the Elimination Chamber match is every man for himself, and for the most part, it is.

    However, both WWE Tag Team champions are participants, as Kane and Bryan will battle with four other Superstars for a World Heavyweight title shot at WrestleMania.

    What happens if Kane and Daniel Bryan both win the match? Is it even possible?

    Well, let’s say the match comes down to Kane and Daniel Bryan as the final two participants.

    The lights go out. The Shield is somehow in the chamber and destroys both members of Team Hell No.

    Is it possible that the match ends with Kane and Bryan unable to continue?

    Unlikely, but it would be quite the twist and turn.

Randy Orton Turns Heel

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    Randy Orton turning heel would not be the biggest turn of events, as people have been discussing the possibility for a long time now.

    However, it would certainly be a turn of sorts if Orton were to make the turn during the Elimination Chamber match.

    The other faces in the match are Chris Jericho and arguably Team Hell No. It would be difficult for Orton to make a full turn in just one match, though.

    The one big move that Orton could make to at least begin his heel turn is the punt. He has teased it before, such as at WWE Survivor Series 2012, but it was denied by Dolph Ziggler.

    Will we see the start of a heel turn by Randy Orton on Sunday?

Dolph Ziggler Interferes

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    Dolph Ziggler is not scheduled for an official match at WWE Elimination Chamber 2013, but that doesn’t mean he won’t make his presence felt on Sunday.

    While some may believe that Ziggler will cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase, the Show-Off could interfere in the Elimination Chamber match.

    The most obvious scenario that makes the most sense is for Ziggler to interfere and cause Chris Jericho to be eliminated.

    The history between Ziggler and Jericho is well known among WWE fans, and it was somewhat expected that they would have a match at WWE Elimination Chamber 2013.

Dolph Ziggler Enters the Match and Wins

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    As discussed in the previous slide, Dolph Ziggler is not scheduled for a match at the pay-per-view, but anything could happen before the start of the match.

    Prior to the Championship Scramble at Unforgiven in 2008, World Heavyweight champion CM Punk was punted by Randy Orton. As a result, Chris Jericho was inserted into the match and won the title.

    We could witness a similar situation at Elimination Chamber if, say, Randy Orton is attacked by Mark Henry and Orton is unable to compete. Ziggler would be inserted and could win the match.

    What would happen if Ziggler holds the Money in the Bank briefcase and challenges the World Heavyweight champion at WrestleMania 29?

Mark Henry Doesn't Eliminate Anyone

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    Mark Henry is clearly the most dominant Superstar in the Elimination Chamber match and is most likely expected to eliminate a number of participants. Therefore, an interesting twist in the match would be if Mark Henry doesn’t eliminate any Superstars.

    Henry is arguably the favorite to win, but perhaps Kane and Daniel Bryan work together and defeat the World’s Strongest Man.

    It would be even more surprising and quite the turn of events if Henry were to be the first to be eliminated.

    Chances are Randy Orton will be the first eliminated and Mark Henry will eliminate a number of Superstars, though.


    Please leave your thoughts, ideas and comments on the twists and turns of the Elimination Chamber match in the section below.


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