Georgia Football: 4 Reasons the Defense Will Be Fine Without Todd Grantham

Brian Jones@Brian_L_JonesContributor IFebruary 14, 2013

Georgia Football: 4 Reasons the Defense Will Be Fine Without Todd Grantham

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    With the exception of Rodney Garner leaving for Auburn, there will be no coaching changes for the Georgia Bulldogs in 2013.

    They did have a scare when Todd Grantham interviewed for the defensive coordinator position for the New Orleans Saints, but decided to take his name off the list. He will be the defensive coordinator for the Dawgs in 2013.

    But is that really a good thing?

    There is no question Grantham has done some good with the defense, but there’s that feeling that he could be doing a better job, especially with the talent he has coming into the program year in and year out.

    So here are a few reasons to believe that the Bulldogs would be fine if Grantham decides to leave for the NFL one day.

Talent Level

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    The first reason was already mentioned: the talent that the Bulldogs bring in each season.

    Players like Jordan Jenkins, Garrison Smith and Damian Swann have the ability to play for any coordinator, as long as that coordinator puts them in the right position to makes plays.

    The same goes for new recruits such as Davin Bellamy, Tray Matthews and Brendan Langley. The players on the roster know how to play the game no matter whom you have as a defensive coordinator. The players are expected to succeed because of how highly recruited they were while in high school.

A New Voice

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    Sometimes a new voice is something that a team needs to give them that added spark.

    When Grantham replaced Willie Martinez three years ago, many fans were relieved because the defense needed a makeover.

    This is not to say the defense needs a makeover now, but if Grantham does move on because the defense is not living up to expectations, fans will be excited to see a new voice come in and give that unit a physical and emotional boost.

    But who could be the guy who could get the fans and alumni excited?

No Shortage of Candidates

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    Well that’s the thing. Whoever comes in as the new defensive coordinator will walk into a very good position because of the talent with which he will have to work.

    Some of the names that have surfaced when Grantham was interview with the Saints was current UGA assistant coach Kirk Olivadotti and current North Carolina co-defensive coordinator Vic Koenning.

    Both aren’t household names, but both have connections with the program, which is why they will would get a closer look when it comes time for Grantham to move on.

    But fans would love to have a coordinator like Alabama's DC, Kirby Smart, come in and take over.

    That may not happen anytime soon because the next move for Smart is to take a head coaching job, but that is what fans will be expecting when it is time to look for a new defensive coordinator.

    And there’s a chance they could get it.

No More Incidents

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    The one thing that some people don’t like about Grantham is that he can be too over the top at times.

    There was the incident in the Florida game in 2010 when he displayed the choke sign to the Gators kicker.

    There was also the incident in 2011 when he got in the face of Vanderbilt coach James Franklin shortly after the game.

    There was not a notable incident in 2012, but those two incidents have certainly stood out—and not in a good way.

    A defensive coordinator should always have intensity. But Grantham has taken it to a whole new level since his arrival in Athens.

When Will Grantham Leave?

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    There is no doubt that Grantham wants to coach in the NFL in the near future because he would not have interviewed for the Saints if he didn’t want to get back into the pro game.

    The question is when will he make that jump?

    It probably would not surprise anyone if Grantham made the jump next year. He wanted to see what was out there this season and decided to take his name off the Saints list because he could be looking for a better job next year.

    And in order for him to get a better job, he would have to stay one more season in Athens and the defense would have to perform a lot better than what they did last year.

    If that happens, then Grantham should and will move on. But because of Georgia being an attractive program which leads to a number of worthy candidates applying for the defensive coordinator job, there will be no crying if and when Grantham leaves Athens.