Vikings Give Old Logo a "New" Look

Chris TrapassoAnalyst IApril 10, 2017

The Minnesota Vikings have given the Norseman a facelift. 

It wasn't significant, and frankly, you probably can't spot its alterations at first or even second glance. But, according to, there are changes aplenty. This from an article on the site titled "Vikings Enhanced Norseman Logo":

So what’s different? 
There are really five subtle enhancements to the Norseman:

1)  Horn Shape
The shape of the horns has been adjusted and the shading in the horns has changed.

2)  Horn Base
The base of the horn now resembles the horn on the players’ helmets.

3)  Face Detail
Thicker lines have been added to the mustache and face.

4)  Vikings Gold
The Vikings Gold is now brighter and less brassy.

5)  The Braid
The braid has been shortened, resulting in a reduced logo height.

I had to stare at each logos for a few seconds before I spotted anything different, but the bolder, more compact Norseman head is a more futuristic look.

Regarding the changes made, no complaints here.

However, I have to imagine there were plenty of Vikings' fans hoping and expecting a more enhanced logo after initially hearing the news. 

I mean, shortening the braids and the horns? 

The unveiling kind of had a "that's it?" effect, didn't it?

In the end, there's nothing wrong with Minnesota organization making some tweaks to its famous logo—I guess I was just hoping for a little "more." 

Maybe they'll revert back to the awesome throwback as the primary uniform or at least wear it more often—that'd be nice. 

The article ended with another teaser: "We are looking forward to many exciting changes for our team and fans in the next few years, leading up to the opening of our new stadium. These logo enhancements are just the beginning..."

Hold on tight, Vikings fans.