WWE Elimination Chamber 2013: 17 Things We Learned from This Year's PPV

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIFebruary 18, 2013

WWE Elimination Chamber 2013: 17 Things We Learned from This Year's PPV

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    Tonight's Elimination Chamber pay-per-view eliminated a few questions we all had moving forward on the 
    "Road to WrestleMania." 

    There are 49 days remaining until the biggest show in wrestling.

    The Rock remains WWE champion and will face John Cena. Alberto Del Rio beat The Big Show. The Shield looked every bit as dominant a tag team against Cena, Ryback and Sheamus.

    And Jack Swagger surprised us all by winning the Elimination Chamber match.

    A pretty solid pay-per-view that was pretty predictable (minus Swagger's win).

    That is exactly what events like these are supposed to do. And now that we are looking at the "Summer Swing" of wrestling, there is excitement about what will happen in the next seven weeks.

    It's a great time to be a wrestling fan.

    Here is what we learned from the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view.

Brodus Clay and Tensai Could Be a Great Tag Team

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    It was a good way to start off the pay-per-view. 

    This is a tag team of 750 pounds combined. And they could be holding the WWE World Tag Team titles before long.

    In the business of wrestling, where super-sized tag teams used to be a big hit, the WWE may have stumbled onto something.

    Tug Boat and Earthquake, Big Show and Kane, John Studd and Killer Kowalski. There is a place in the WWE for a team like this.

    And it helps Tensai and Clay with remarketing their characters.

The Shield Gives the Best Promos

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    The opening vignette of the pay-per-view from The Shield was simply AWESOME.

    Sorry, Miz.

    If there is a trio that could be bigger than The Outsiders, DX and the NWO, it is this trio. Hopefully the WWE will not mess it up and over-think how a simple concept is great and works well with its unpredictability.

    At some point, the Shield will challenge for titles in the WWE, then we will see business pick up in a hurry.

Del Rio Slays a Giant

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    I never thought I would see the day where Big Show would tap out.

    The match was pretty good. Big Show proves time and again how great he can be in the ring and truly sold for ADR.

    Del Rio was equally strong, showing more moves and showing he is better in the ring.

    The cross armbreaker on a man that size—simply awesome.

    Del Rio is for real, minus the foiled kick off the top ropes.

Antonio Cesaro Is One Bad Man

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    When he smiled at a struggling Miz, you knew how sadistic he could be.

    Antonio Cesaro is one of the best foreign imports to come to the WWE.

    In the mold of a younger, bigger Ivan Koloff and as ruthless as Kevin Sullivan, Cesaro is perfect for this era of professional wrestling.

Since When Does a Low Blow Save a Championship?

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    We see it all the time. Glad to see The Miz get his money's worth with the second low blow.

    This was a good match and we should get some more mileage out of this feud.

    Hope the WWE is listening.

JBL Still Rocks

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    With each match called, the true greatness of JBL gets better.

    The comments, the honesty and the real feel he brings to the match and the PPV is awesome.

    I would love to see him on Raw and see Jerry Lawler on SmackDown.

    JBL reminds me of Jesse Ventura back in the day on the mic.

Gotta Love Dutch Mantell

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    He still sounds as great as he did in Texas when I saw him on World Class Championship Wrestling.

    Zeb Colter is breath of fresh air. And his southern drawl makes him perfect to be the mentor for Jack Swagger. He tugs at the hearts of fans like nails to a chalkboard.

    It will be interesting to see what the WWE does with his character.

Kane and Daniel Bryan Are the Best

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    Kane came into the Elimination Chamber and showed how friendships are thrown out the window. Both were valiant in competing against each other.

    Daniel Bryan has always down well against larger opponents, but Kane was just vintage in some of his moves.

    Seeing the two tag team partners fight it out was as good as seeing Goldust and Cody Rhodes fight it out at the Royal Rumble.

Orton Is an Animal

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    Seeing him (Orton) DDT Kane on the grid was the right move and proved the Apex Predator is as vicious as he ever has been.

    It is all part of Orton's slow but deliberate change.

    His character change is being worked well by the WWE.

Mark Henry Is a Beast

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    When he came into the match, eliminating Daniel Bryan was the right move. Then, putting Randy Orton through the pod was another great move.

    Taking care of Kane was quick.

    He just runs through people. One of the best heels we have seen in years. And he picked up where he left off before he was injured.

    He should have won the event.

Jack Swagger Beats Them All

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    It was a great setup and a great finish.

    Did we all really think Jack Swagger had a chance in the Elimination Chamber? Not hardly.

    But that is why it was going to happen. Somehow, someway, it looks like Swagger is destined to be a WWE champion again.

    This kind of program will definitely be one to watch.

    Now for the question: Will Swagger win the World Heavyweight title only to be beaten by former tag team partner Dolph Ziggler?

Roman Reigns vs. Sheamus Would Be an Awesome Feud

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    Granted, we saw them in the six-man tag match, but in my opinion, Reigns is the true star of The Shield.

    In time, the trio will seek gold and individual rivalries.

    Sheamus and Reigns would be huge.

    The power, the strength, the brutality of them together could be something like Steve Williams and Terry Gordy from years ago.

The Shield Is a Well-Oiled Machine

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    Each one has a purpose. Each one knows what to do. Each one inflicts pain.

    There hasn't been a trio like this in decades that could do what The Shield does.

    Whoever decided to put these three together is a genius. Against Ryback, John Cena and Sheamus, they held their own and sold it for each opponent.

    Just like Michael Cole said, The Shield beat the all-star team.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston...Again

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    Booker T strikes again.

    Dolph Ziggler couldn't run his mouth. His mouth was shut when he was placed in a match with Kingston.

    Kingston is quicker than a hiccup. Hitting Big E Langston will not help him any time soon. But when it was needed, Ziggler won the match on his own.

    Now, we will wait for this match to happen again, or maybe Langston will have a rivalry to finally work with.

Ho Hum...Kaitlyn Wins and Retains the Divas Title

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    While we were waiting for The Rock and CM Punk, Kaitlyn beat Tamina for the Divas title.

    Did anyone care?

    Honestly, the WWE should build the Divas division around Tamina and work to get more competent women in the division (ODB, Winter). 

    Until then, women's wrestling means nothing in the WWE.

Gotta Love CM Punk's Arrogance

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    The mark of a great heel is the ability to show off arrogance with everything they do.

    CM Punk was brilliant at this during the match.

    With the outside jabbing by Paul Heyman and the in-ring psychology of Punk, the brilliant tandem was perfect throughout the match.

    Punk is the best heel the WWE has had in decades.

Foiled Again!

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    After trying time and again to get him disqualified, CM Punk and Paul Heyman could not beat The Rock.

    He walks into WrestleMania 29 as the WWE champion.

    It was a pretty good match, and Punk/Rock is a better rivalry than Rock/Cena, but the stage is now set for Rock/Cena II.

    Only 49 days until WrestleMania 29.