NBA Trade Rumors: Teams That Need to Take Risks at Deadline

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NBA Trade Rumors: Teams That Need to Take Risks at Deadline
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With recent injuries and trades, teams around the NBA are forced to make tough decisions regarding the trade deadline. Future draft picks, playoff potential and salary cap all come into play around the trade deadline.

However, some teams need to take a plunge of faith and take risks in order for their team to have any hope of a future. 

Here is a look at three teams that need to negotiate a trade.

Brooklyn Nets

Although the Nets were heavily touted to become crosstown rivals for the New York Knicks, the lack of depth in their team has proved lethal to their success. 

For the Nets to become a legitimate playoff contender, it is imperative that they acquire more players that they can truly build a team around. 

According to Chris Broussard of ESPN, the Nets are actively pursuing Josh Smith of the Atlanta Hawks in a three-team trade. 

Smith will reach the end of his contract this season, and the Hawks will most likely look to trade him anyway, so this would be a good move for both teams. 

Boston Celtics

Although much of the trade rumors of the Celtics have been laid to rest, for the future of this team, the Celtics should take some risks before the deadline. 

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Immediately following Rondo's ACL injury, rumors of blowing up the team and trading Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett began to surface.

Danny Ainge, President of Basketball Operations for the Boston Celtics, has dispelled any talks about trading away Pierce or Garnett but has recently made it clear to the Boston Herald that he is looking to bring in fresh faces. 

With Barbosa's ACL injury further depleting the Celtics' options, a shocking trade may be on the horizon. 

Los Angeles Lakers

With a recent interview with Newsday, Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak showed his trust in Mike D'Antoni and in Dwight HowardKupchak made it clear that they are going to keep Dwight Howard until the end of the season, but that leaves Pau Gasol still on the trading block. 

If the Lakers are indeed going to keep Howard as the face of their franchise, they must start acquiring players around him and not Gasol. 

In a interview with the LA Times, Gasol has noted that if the current lineup persists, he will look for a fresh start elsewhere. 

Before Gasol becomes a free agent and leaves on his own, the Lakers should trade him for players that fit D'Antoni's mindset. 

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